Exporting From Google Calendar and Google Contacts

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This article outlines how to export your data from Google Calendar and Google Contacts. Once you've successfully exported your data, you can begin to prepare it for import to Juvonno.


*Note: These instructions were created using information gathered from the software vendor and its publicly available resources. This information may differ from the exact exportation process. If you experience any difficulties exporting your data, please contact your software vendor directly.

How To Export Patients from Google Contacts

Google Contacts should be exported and imported first to Juvonno in order to attach patients to appointments.

Open your Google Contacts through a computer and select all the contacts you want to export by highlighting each item line. Or Ctrl+A or Command+A for all contacts, Ctrl+click for select contacts.

Click the 3 dots at the top right and choose export to Google CSV in the drop-down menu.

Save the file to your computer and upload it as a CSV file to Juvonno.

Be sure to delete columns and values that will not be used in the import. If there are duplicate patients, be sure to clean up and merge data before importing.

How To Export Appointments from Google Calendar

You must have Administrative access to export data from Google Calendar. Check Settings (gear icon) for access to Make Changes and Manage to Share.

The calendar will have to be listed as My Calendar on the left side menu of Google Calendar.

On the left side of the calendar menu, hover over the calendar title that you would like to export. Then click on the 3 dots and choose Settings and Sharing.

in Settings, select Export Calendar. An ICS file will download to your local computer. This will then need to be converted into a CSV file.

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