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If you are manually calculating what to pay a Practitioner based on Payments Received we suggest you use this report.

If you have the Commissions module enabled and you have set up Commissions in Practitioner Profiles under their Commission tab, you are able to create an Excel version of the Payments by Practitioner report to view a column for Commissions.

If you don't have the Commissions module enabled and you are using this report to calculate standard commission percentages, please note the following:

When using the Payments by Practitioner report the total number of payments received in the clinic for the date range you select will appear which "Includes" the total "Credits" received.

The "Credits" field will provide you with a total dollar amount for credits.

If you are using the Payments by Practitioner report for commissions, you can deselect the Type of Payment check box beside "credits" to omit credits altogether in the report.



Deduct the total credits from the total payments received to get the actual "Payments" for the practitioner.

Example below:

Total Payments in the Period is $166.00 - total Credits $20.00 total actual Payment to the Practitioner is $146.00.



If you select a date range from April 1st to April 30, 2018 this report will pull payments you received in the clinic in April for any invoice (not just invoices created in April).




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