Exporting From Clinic Essentials

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*Note: These instructions were created using information gathered from the vendor and its publicly available resources. This information may differ from the exact exportation process. If you experience any difficulties exporting your data, please contact the vendor directly.

How to Export Reports from Clinic Essentials

To export appointments, patient lists, and other information available to import into Juvonno follow the same steps for each individual report you would like:

Open Reports or “Print Appointments” at the top of your schedule/patient information screen

Select the report you wish to export, and select the appropriate parameters (date range/ practitioner)

Click Preview

At the top left of the preview screen, select the export option

Export as: Excel

Destination: Desktop

Click Export

The report will export to your desktop in .xls format

You can then manipulate the exported document to display the information you require.


Use this link to find all the basic reports that you can run from Clinic Essentials.

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