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Exporting From Clinicmaster

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This article outlines how to export your data from Clinicmaster. Once you've successfully exported your data, you can begin to prepare it for import to Juvonno.


*Note: These instructions were created using information gathered from the software vendor and its publicly available resources. This information may differ from the exact exportation process. If you experience any difficulties exporting your data, please contact your software vendor directly.

Data that can be exported from Clinicmaster for import to Juvonno 

Staff Products & Services Patient Demographics Third-Party Companies Patient Insurance Profiles Appointments Transactions Receivables


How To Export Patients from Clinicmaster

To export your list of patients, use Client Explorer and the filters provided to extract all of the data you want to be moved over to Juvonno. 

How To Export Appointments from Clinicmaster

To export your appointment listing, use Appointment Explorer for both past and future appointments.

How To Export Charts from Clinicmaster

Inside Clinicmaster you are able to export a report of chart entries but cannot populate the chart content.

When your license expires, Clinicmaster will offer a lifetime read-only version in which you can export charts individually as PDFs.

A raw data file export will allow you to have the chart entries in Clinicmaster properly formatted. These will need to be converted before being imported.

How To Export Billing Data from Clinicmaster

Use the Billing Explorer to view and print all billing information, including past and present A/R. 

How To Export Dossiers from Clinicmaster Dossiers

Use the Dossier Explorer View to print all dossier information which helps export billing information and additional insurance information.

Be sure to verify what version of storage style your data will be exported into as Microsoft Excel should be selected over PDF.

If you cannot export the data into a PDF, there are online PDF converters that will allow your data to be transformed into Excel.

When exporting large amounts of data your Clinicmaster system may time out due to its lack of computing power. In this case, export into several smaller files by using filters to range the dates or names. 


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