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Modules allow you to customize which Juvonno features are active in your system.  This article will give you a high-level overview of each Modules functionality in the Advanced section and help you determine whether to Enable or Disable features that may or may not apply to your business.


Where is it?

Modules can be found in Settings by selecting General under System & Company Settings


Then select Modules


From here you'll find a list of Modules that can be Enabled or Disabled to match your clinic's needs. Here is a high-level overview of each Module and what they control.


Accounts Payable

Allows you to create and manage Payables under Accounting>Payables for external vendors, employees and more.


Appointment Confirmations

Control whether or not to Include an Appointment Confirmation in Appointment Reminder texts and/or emails

Closing Accounting Periods

Determines if the Close Period option is available inside Accounting 


Allows you to create and track Consumables used during appointments inside Juvonno 


Interest Rate

Allows you to set an interest rate on outstanding balances


Inventory & Inventory Tracking

These 2 settings allow you to manage and track inventory inside your Products & Services


Labs & Lab Tests

Controls whether or not you can create and monitor lab requisitions or tests inside a Patient Profile


Loyalty Points

Create and track Loyalty Points inside the Patient Profile allowing patients to redeem points for products and services.


Mass Invoicing

This system allows you to use the Patient Advanced Search to select a list of patients to invoice. Then you can set default products & services using the field below to create 1 invoice for each person you have selected.


Patient Arrivals

Mark a patient as Arrived upon check-in. Their name will then appear in the Arrived tab on the Home Schedule



Determines whether or not your practitioners can create Prescriptions



Programs allow you to create things such as classes which patients can sign-up for and attend


Products & Services Attributes

Attributes allow you to further define a Product or Service making it easier to find or track it's usage


Recurring Invoicing

Recurring Invoicing allows you to bill a patient the same amount over a set period of time, mainly used for Subscriptions 


Resource Scheduling

Create Resources such as rooms or equipment and assign them while scheduling an appointment


Subscription Module

With Juvonno Subscriptions, patients can subscribe to your services and enroll in automatic weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly billing cycles.


Subscription Restricted Booking

This setting controls whether or not booking is restricted to only patients with an active subscriptions. 

Important: Enabling this setting will prevent any patient without an active subscription from booking an appointment via the Patient Portal


Tracking Ladder

Tracking Ladders allow you to create sequenced task lists for your staff to complete during a patient's Treatment Plan



Mainly used when tracking and ordering inventory, this setting allows you to create vendors your clinic orders products from and storing an up to date order history inside the Vendor.


Workers Compensation Board (WCB) (Alberta & Manitoba Only)

For Alberta: This setting allows Tx Plans to be created and forms/billing easily uploaded into WCB.

For Manitoba: This setting creates the invoices in Batch billing to the correct form.


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