How to Customize the Layout of the Patient Profile

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This article will guide you through customizing your patient profiles in Juvonno. You'll learn how to:

  • Show or hide specific fields: Tailor the patient profile to include only the information most relevant to your practice.
  • Make fields mandatory: Ensure you capture essential patient information during profile creation.

With these customization options, you can streamline your data collection process and create patient profiles that best suit your workflow needs.



Step 1: Locate Inside Settings

Go to Settings then select General under System & Company Settings


Step 2: Finding Patient Profile Settings

Select Patients then locate the Patient Profile section


Step 3: Customize Your Settings

Go through each Field and use the dropdown menus to decide whether to Show, Hide or make Mandatory then Save


*Note: Options may vary for certain fields and some must remain Mandatory



Your Patient Profiles will now display or hide the fields based on your settings

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