How to Search for a Patient

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There are two main areas in Juvonno to search for a patient. This article will walk you through both and teach you How to Search for a Patient.

Patient Lookup

The quickest way to find a patient by name is using the Patient Lookup. Simply type the patient's name into the search bar and click on it to open the Patient Lookup Sidebar


From here you can get a quick overview of the Patient Profile, take quick actions or access the full Patient Profile by clicking on the patient's name.


Patients Tab

Inside the Patients tab you'll find a sortable list of all patients along with a few different search options


Search Bar

To search for a patient enter the name or partial name of a patient in the search field and select Enter.



First and Last Name

You can also use the search by first name and Search by last name or Initial



Alphabet Search

When enabled, you can select a letter for the first and last name of the patient

Custom Search

If you require further search parameters, the Custom Search offers a more options such as Chart # and Patient Groups

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