How to Set Up Programs & Register a Patient

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NOTE: Stat holidays must be set up in your system before you start creating programs.

a. Attendees must have a profile set up in your system.

b. Patient profiles have a Program tab. Programs they are registered to will be listed under this tab.


1. Enable the Program Module

a. Go to Settings>General>Modules tab>Advanced Section>Programs. 

b. Locate the “Programs” field, select “Enabled”. then Save.


2. Setting up the Program

a. Navigate to Settings>Programs Section>Programs>New Program 

You will get the Programs / Edit window to create the program.




a. Code: Type a code for reference (optional)

b. Name: Type the name of the program.

c. Description: Type details of the program. 

d. Patient Openings: Enter the number of openings you have for the program.

e. No. of Classes: Type the total number of classes for the duration of the program.

f. Reminder Type: Select from the drop-down menu.

g. Public: To use this feature the portal must be enabled. (Ask your sales person for details).

3. Products & Services Section

a. Select “Add”.


b. Use the Product/Service field to select the program item/s, enter the quantity and then click the Add/Update button to save.



Edit Products & Services 

a. Select the pencil icon at the end of the row.

b. An edit window will open,edit the content.

c. Select “Add/Update”.


Delete Products & Services and Successful Completion Criteria

Select the red X at the end of the row to delete the item.

Successful Completion Criteria Section

Complete the field for this section if it applies.


Reminder Email Section

Edit the content then Save. Optional.

3. Add the program to the Schedule

a. Go to Settings>Programs.

b. Click the icon to the left of the item you created and select Add to Schedule.


c. Enter the remainder of the details for the program for example the start date and registration cut off dates then select the Continue button.



d. A schedule will open in the bottom portion of the page.

e. Select the box beside one of the days of the week that you want the program to take place.  A calendar will open with the day you selected highlighted then select Save.



f. The program will appear on the days you selected on the practitioners schedules.

If you have booked a program on a stat holiday the date will be highlighted in red with an underscore. If you do not want the program to occur on the stat holiday, click the red highlighted date and select another date and Save.


5. How to register a patient

a. On the clinic schedule, go to one of the dates the programs is scheduled for.  The program will appear on the Practitioners schedule. 


b. Click on the program and select Register a Patient.



c. Go to Settings>Programs select Scheduled Programs.

d. Click the blue icon to the left of the item and select Register Patient.


6. How to cancel a program

Click the scheduled Program on the appointment block.  Select Cancel.


7. How to Delete a program

a. Navigate to Settings>Programs.

b. Click the icon to the left of the program you want to Delete then select Delete.



Note If the program appears in the portal for patients to register, you MUST EDIT the program first and deselect the Public check box then Save before deleting.


8. View a Class List of Registered Patients

There are 2 ways to see a list of registered patients.

a. From the schedule,  click on one of the dates the program is scheduled. Click the Registered Patients  option and you will see at the bottom of the window the list of patients.



b. From the Program link go to the Scheduled Programs link.


c. Click the icon to the left of the item and select Registered Patients.



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