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This referral type field appears throughout the site.

a. In the patients profile under the General tab, Referral Type field.



b. Quick Patient Creation on the Appointment booking popup: Click a time on the schedule to book an appointment.  Select the down arrow at the end of the Patient field, then select New. The quick patient creation popup will open.  You an set the system to show the Referral Type field.

c. Patient on-line booking Portal. The option will appear for patients to select.



d. Reports: Reports tab. Statistics section, select Referrals by Type.


How to set up the System Settings

1. Go to Settings>General>Patients

2. Scroll down the page to the Quick Patient Creation section, locate the Referral Fields Enabled and select Yes or No to show this field when you are creating the quick patient popup form and select Yes if you want it to be a required field then Save.


How to create Referral Types

1. Go to Settings>Referral Types>New Referral Type

2. If you have the Portal enabled you can select the box beside the "Portal Signup" field.  This allows patients to select a Referral Type in the portal upon registration.





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