How to Enable Claim and Consent Forms

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Your Juvonno system is pre-loaded with over 100 Claim and Consent forms from various providers, all of which are previewable with a single click. This article will walk you through How to Enable Claim and Consent Forms


Step 1: Locate in Settings

Go to Settings then select Form under Forms & Letters


Step 2: Preview Forms

If you're unsure which forms you'll need to activate, click on the Form Name to preview


Tip: Use the Search Bar or Category dropdown menu to find forms quicker


Step 3: Enable Forms

Once you've located the form you'd like enabled, click the Checkbox beside it then Save



Depending on the type of form you've enabled, they will now be available:

Inside the Patient Profile under Forms


Or if you have Third-Party Billing set up, during the Checkout process for Claim Forms


Further Reading: How to Add Insurance Claim Forms to the Checkout


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