How to Manage Pending Appointments from the Patient Portal

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You can set the system to immediately confirm the appointment as soon as the patient books or you can set the system so your admin staff manually accept/decline appointments. 




Article Overview

  1. Portal Pending Appointments Overview
  2. Pending Appointments Settings
  3. What the Patient Sees
  4. What the Administrator/Practitioner Sees
  5. Pending Appointments Menu
  6. Pending Appointment Acceptance/Decline
  7. Notes



Portal Pending Appointments Overview

You have patients that want to book appointments through your portal, but you want to control if the appointments are accepted or declined.

  • Enabling 'Auto-Accept Portal Appointments' all appointments booked through the portal will automatically be accepted.
  • Disabling 'Auto-Accept Portal Appointments' your administrators and practitioners will be notified on their home dashboard under the 'Pending Appointments' tab and on your clinic's way to accepting or declining requested appointments!



Pending Appointments Setting

Settings > General > System > Portal > 'Auto-Accept Portal Appointments




If you enable this feature, the pending appointment process will not be used and all appointments created by a patient in the portal will automatically be accepted.

Publicly booked appointments cannot be auto-accepted because a patient must be selected during the acceptance process unless you enable the 'Pending Appointment Email Address'.



What the Patient Sees



After a patient has booked an appointment with your clinic through the portal they will receive a notification reading out the Secure Book Thank You Message that your clinic typed out in portal settings.



The patient will also see a 'Pending' appointment tag on there requested appointment. If the appointment is accepted, the tag will disappear.



What the Administrator/Practitioner Sees


After a patient has booked an appointment through the portal, a practitioner or administrator with access will be able to see a red 'Pending Appointments' tab on their home screen.

The user can click on the tab and see a list of 'Pending Appointments'. 

Using the menu button located to the left of the Pending Appointment the user can:

  • View Appointment
  • View Patient Details
  • View That Day's Schedule
  • Accept/Decline


The schedule will reflect the appointment with a "Pending" icon over it.


Pending Appointment Menu

  • View Appointment
  • Patient Details
  • View This day Schedule
  • Declined - A 'declined' email will be sent to the email address in the patient's profile
  • Accepted - An 'Accepted' email will be sent to the email address in the patient's profile



Pending Appointment Acceptance/Decline


After accepting or declining the Pending Appointment, the user will be able to send a personal or general acceptance/declined message.

Enter the custom text you want to appear on the Accepted Appointment Request which is sent to the patient's email address attached to their patient profile.

At the bottom of the accepted or declined message, you can type in additional details that you would like to send to the patient.





  • To have the 'Pending Appointments' tab show on the home dashboard, you will need to have an appointment booked
  • As soon as there are no more 'Pending Appointments' left, the tab will disappear
  • To use this option the Portal must be enabled. Contact your Sales Representative or Customer Support to set this up. 1.866.643.3041 Ext. 8.

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