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Note An entry for Gift Cards is pre-built in the system. Do not delete this option. To get started we recommend setting up the first department as “Gift Cards".


1. Departments

2. Categories

3. Product & Service Items.

1. Departments

1. Go to Settings>Product & Servicces Departments.



2. The first time using your system you will notice 3 Departments have been set up Other, Products & Services.  To create a new department select “New Department”.



3. Enter the "Name" of one of the department e.g. Massage, another Department could be Chiropractic.

4. Select the "Tax Type" from the drop down menu. Taxes would have previously been set up under Settings>General>System>Accounting>Tax section.

5. If you are setting up a "Service" Massage, select "Yes" or "No" for "Service Based Items". If you want a practitioners signature to appear on invoices select Yes and Save.




2. Categories

Categories are used to assign to departments.

Third Party Insurance: If your patients have different types of category coverage, create categories so that you can assign the correct perccentae of insurance per category. For example: Chiropractic, Massage, Orthotics, Acupuncture etc.


1. Go to Settings>Product Categories>New Category

2. Enter the Name you want for the Category for eg. Massage or Chiropractic.

3. Select the Department.

4. Select the checkbox beside Display in Insurance Policy Rules.  This will show the category in the patient profile, under the Insurance tab, Policy Rules, Category options.



Now that you've set up Departments and Categories you can go ahead and start setting up Products and Services.



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