Patient Profiles: A Fresh Look & Mobile-Optimized Experience

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We've revamped Patient Profiles with a modern look and feel, making it easier to navigate and find the information you need quickly and easily. The new mobile-optimized design makes managing patient profiles on your phone a breeze. Let's dive into the details of these handy improvements:


Effortless Navigation on Mobile📲

Comparing the old mobile experience to the new one is night and day. It all starts with the new navigation menu on the left that tucks away neatly. Every tab is now optimized for your mobile device, so all the information you need is just a tap away🪄



Modern User-Friendly Design

Patient profiles have been reorganized with key information now front-and-center, and a more organized layout that lets you see more details at a glance. This means faster access and less hassle.


Redesigned & Repositioned Navigation Menu

No more searching! Key profile details like DOB, and contact info are conveniently located below the patient's name, and a sleek navigation menu on the left side helps you navigate with greater ease. 



The Charts tab now features an upgraded search, collapsible charts, and handy chart previews



Forms can now be organized by category and are easier to locate thanks to a streamlined design


The new Patient Profile experience is live now in Juvonno, try it out!


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