How to Apply Tracking Ladders Inside a Patient Profile

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Tracking Ladders allow you to create sequenced task lists for your staff to complete during a patient's Treatment Plan. These tasks are managed directly from the Follow-Ups dashboard. This Article will walk you through How to Apply and use Tracking Ladders Inside a Patient Profile


Step 1: Patient Profile Treatment Plans Tab

Inside a Patient Profile, select Treatment Plans


Step 2: Assigning the Tracking Ladder

Select the down arrow beside Create New then choose Templated Tracking Ladder

Note: The Blank Tracking Ladder allows you to create a Tracking Ladder from scratch. However, we recommend creating via template for consistency and to save time.

Step 3: Selecting the Template

Select the appropriate Template from the dropdown menu then select Apply Template


Step 4: Activate Tracking Ladder

Select the Tracking Ladder tab to review the Steps then select Activate Plan


The Tracking Ladder is now active and the first Step will be automatically assigned to the user associated with the action. This Action will display under Follow-ups from the schedule

Or can also be found in the users Dashboard under Agenda

Upon completing the first Step, the next will be triggered based on the Activation you've selected

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