How to Send a Patient Invite to the Patient Portal

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Get your patients to start booking appointments, paying bills, filling out medical information and uploading documents through your clinics Juvonno Portal. Be sure to first send the patient a Portal Invitation Email directly through their Patient Profile.

Note: You can also use the Patient Welcome Packet to send out a Patient Portal Registration link and Intake forms. Learn How to Send the Patient Welcome Packet to New Patients here.



  1. Create a Patient Portal Invitation
  2. Push Portal Invite

Patient Portal Invitation

To create and edit your Patient Portal Invitation go to General > Settings > System > Email & Reminders > Patient Portal Invitation 



This invitation is directly emailed to your patient.




Push Portal Invite

Step 1

Go to the patient's profile and select Portal Access.


Step 2

Select Click Here to send an invitation email.



The patient will receive the invitation to their email and click the link that will take them to the portal allowing them to set up a username and password.


The email set in the patient's profile will be the email that the Patient Portal Invitation is sent to.


*Important: The Patient Portal must be turned on and the Patient must have a valid email address in order for these methods to work.


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