How to Set Up Available Appointment Durations

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Set Up Appointment Durations to template out the selection of times that services can be booked for.



1. Go to the Settings tab.

2. Click the Appointment Durations option.

Appointment durations must set up in order to book appointments on the schedule. Set up the time frames required to book services.

NOTE: If you have set your system to automatically set durations when you entered new products or services you will not have to input durations in this section. This setting can be found under the Settings tab, General, System, Scheduling, Scheduling section, Custom Appointment Durations.

NOTE: You can override appointment durations when scheduling an appointment.


How to set up Durations under the System Settings

1. Go to the Settings tab.

2. Select the General option.

3. Go the System tab.

4. Now select the Scheduling tab.

5. From the Scheduling section set the Custom Appointment Durations to Yes.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.

How to add Durations

1. Go to the Settings tab.

2. Select Appointment Durations.

3. Select “New Duration”.

4. Select each duration from the drop down menu that you require to set up a service.

5. Save.

NOTE: If you're trying to book an appointment on the Schedule but are unable to book due to a prompt notifying you there is "No Duration" set up. Follow the steps above to ensure you have a duration set up and that that Service you are booking has a duration set up under the Service item.

Drop-down Menu Options


  • Hover over the entry you want to delete.
  • You will NOT be prompted to confirm you want to delete the duration.
  • Select “Delete” if you want to continue.
  • Select “Ok”.

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