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 Bundles allow you to create a group of Products & Services to quickly invoice for commonly used combinations. This article will walk you through How to Set Up and use Bundles.


How to set up Bundles

Step 1

Navigate to Settings, then select Products & Services


Step 2

Open a Product & Service item or select Create New. Once the item is open, select the Product Bundles tab


Step 3

Select the Add button.



Step 4

You will get a popup with a blank Item # field. Start typing in the item and then enter the Quantity.            When you're finished adding items, select Apply or Save.


The fields will now populate as shown in the image below with the cost of the item.

 How to use a Bundle

When creating an invoice, enter the Item # or search for the Bundle you've created. The Bundle will auto-populate all items onto the invoice



All the items will appear on the invoice and broken down by line



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