How to Show or Hide Cancelled Patient Appointments on the Schedule

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When appointments are cancelled, you can decide whether or not they display on the Schedule as Cancelled or hide them so the slot is cleared. This article will walk you through How to Show or Hide Cancelled Patient Appointments on the Schedule.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

While logged into Juvonno, select Settings


Step 2

Under System & Company Settings select General


Step 3

Select Scheduling


Step 4

Scroll down to Display Cancelled Appointments under Dashboards and set the dropdown menu to Disabled to hide or Enabled to show, then Save


Your cancelled appointments will now be shown or hidden based on your selection


Cancellation Filter

If you have disabled Highlight & Display Cancelled Appointments, you can still view them by using the Cancellation Filter. This filter is located in the top right corner of the schedule while logged into Juvonno.

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