How to Customize the Patient Lookup Layout using the Patient Lookup Builder

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The Patient Lookup Builder allows you to customize the patient information that appears in the Patient Lookup window. Using the builder, you can add, remove, or rearrange the fields so the most important information is displayed at a glance. This article will walk you through How to Use the Patient Lookup Builder to do just that.


Where is it?

You can find the Patient Lookup Builder by opening a patient profile using the Patient Lookup at the top of our screen. Hover over Patient Lookup and then select the button


How Does the Patient Lookup Builder Work?

The Patient Lookup Builder is made up of two sections: Drag and Drop Components on the left and the Lookup Template on the right. All sections outside of the Patient Name, Phone Number, Email, and Date of Birth in the Patient Lookup Builder are completely customizable. Add new information, remove components as needed, and move the most important information for your workflow to the top.



How To Add a Component 

To add a Component to you Patient Lookup, simply drag and drop the component from the left menu into the position you'd like it to appear


*Important: Once you have finished making any edits, scroll down to the end of the page and select Save

Untitled design (1).gif

*Note: All component items can be dropped in either column, except for the 'Modules' which are required to be placed at the bottom half of the lookup's template


Learn more about each type of Drag and Drop Components

Visual Elements These can be used to adjust spacing (Line Break), add line dividers (Horizontal Line) or add custom headings (Heading).
Patient Statistics These are useful statistics of the patient's history, such as Total Appointments had or Total Invoiced.
Quick Links These are button actions (such as New Appointment) with the patient's name already applied, and shortcuts to various areas of the patient's profile, such as Invoice History.
Patient Information A large amount of profile data to choose from, including general information, custom fields, insurance and external contact details. These details are bundled in groups, but once they are added to the Lookup, they can be individually removed, reorganized or moved to another group.
Modules The bottom half of the lookup is designated for these wide modules, including Notes, History and the View Appointments features.


How To Remove a Component 

You can remove any part of the lookup by selecting the X next to an item. When an item is removed, it is made available again in the components section.

*Important: Once you have finished making any edits, scroll down to the end of the page and select Save


How To Rearrange Components

To move a Component to a new position, select the Component then drag and drop it into its new position.

Untitled design (2).gif

*Important: Once you have finished making any edits, scroll down to the end of the page and select Save


How to Preview your Changes

Select the blue switch at the top-right to enter Preview Mode and see your design. Selecting it again will switch it back to Build Mode and allow for further edits.

Additional Notes

Accordion Menus

The accordion style menus can be defaulted to being open or closed. Simply leave it in the state you would like it to appear in the builder, and that will be the Lookup's default view.


Revert to Default

If you want to restore back to the original lookup template, enter the lookup builder, scroll to the bottom and select Revert to Default and Save

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