How to Create and Apply Daily Availability Templates

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Daily Availability Templates allow you to quickly override a practitioners Standard Availability on a daily basis. This article will walk you though How to Create and Apply Daily Availability Templates.


*Note: If you don't have access to these settings, please contact your system admin for assistance.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Go to Settings then select Practitioners under Staff

Step 2

Select Open beside the practitioners name


Step 3

Select Availability then select Add next to Daily Availability Templates


Step 4

Enter the Name of the template, Select a Schedule Type and set the hours for the template by selecting the applicable boxes then Save

*Note: In this example, the practitioner would have the afternoon off so only the AM slots are chosen


Step 5

To apply the Daily Availability Template, select the button beside the practitioners name, then go to Daily Templates and select the template you'd like to apply


The Daily Availability Template has now been applied to the chosen days schedule.


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