Feature Overview: Juvonno Mobile App for Patients

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Revolutionize patient care with the Juvonno Patient App. Designed to provide your patients with a seamless and fully optimized experience on their mobile devices, the app opens up exciting new avenues for communication including push notifications and secure & compliant direct messaging to and from the App.

In this article, you'll get a high-level overview of the Juvonno Patient app and its functionality.


Downloading the Juvonno Patient App

The Juvonno Patient App is available for download on Android and iOS. Patients will open the App Store or Google Play and search for the App name: Juvonno. From there they can begin downloading the app. Once the download is complete, the Juvonno App icon will appear on the user's home screen on their mobile device. 



Patient Login & Instant Access

With the app, patients enjoy the simplicity of a single sign-on streamlining access to all features with just one login! After opening the app for the first time, patients will be prompted to search for your Clinic Name then sign into their account. After the initial setup is completed, patients can skip the Patient Portal login page and go directly to the portal's main dashboard.

Security: Juvonno SSO uses SAML 2.0 to securely authenticate users. Juvonno is configured to work with Active Directory, Cloud Cure, and Ping One. This allows users to utilize a single login to access Juvonno as well as any other Enterprise software they have connected to.



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After this initial sign-in, patients will no longer be required to enter their username and password each time they use the app! 


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Push Notification Appointment Reminders

To help reduce no-shows, your patients will automatically receive a Push Notification Appointment Reminder an hour before their scheduled appointment time.

Direct Messages

JComm subscribers, you can securely send a direct message from Juvonno to your patients' phone! Messages sent to the Juvonno app are fully encrypted and are the new quickest way to reach your patients.

Learn How to Send Direct Messages to Patients via the Mobile App

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The Juvonno app is available now on the Apple App Store & Google Play store!

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