New to Juvonno - Patient Portal June 2023

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Get paid for multiple invoices at once, and collect patient insurance information from the Portal! We’ve also further streamlined the online booking experience with a new service category menu that makes it easier for patients to book the right treatment. Read on for all the details of our latest product update.

What's New ✨

1. Collect Patient Insurance Information

By popular demand, patients can now add and update their insurance information right within the Patient Portal. 

The info will populate directly into their Patient Profile, saving you valuable time!


2. Accept Multi-Invoice Payments

Getting paid just got easier! Patients can now easily pay online for multiple invoices at once.  


3. Product & Service Descriptions now Support HTML

Customize your Product & Service descriptions using HTML to adjust the font style and add elements like bullet points to make them really stand out during online booking.



Other Portal Updates ⚡️

NEW Online Booking Menu

  • Patients can now filter by service category while booking an appointment making it easier (and quicker!) to book the right treatment. 

Daily Overrides Fixed

  • Daily Availability overrides have been fixed. Now when you add a daily availability outside of a practitioner's standard schedule, the appointments will properly populate in the Patient Portal.

Launch Juvonno Telehealth Sessions via the Portal

  • With the launch of Juvonno Telehealth, patients can now join sessions straight from their Patient Portal. No need to dig through their inbox!

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