How to Setup and Edit the Out-of-Office Text Responder

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The Out-of-Office Text Responder allows you to send a default text response to any patients that text your clinic outside of office hours. This article will walk you through how to set the feature up and customize the text message.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Go to Settings, and under System & Company Settings select General.



Step 2

Select Reminders & Notifications and locate Out-of-Office Text Responder.



Step 3

Set Enabled? to Yes, and set your Office Start Time & Office End Time to the time your clinic opens and closes respectively.



Step 4

Edit the text inside the box beside Auto-Reply Text to customize the message that is sent to patients attempting to contact the clinic outside of office hours. Then select Save.



***Important: The Out-of-Office Text Responder has a limit of 160 characters.


Your Out-of-Office Text Responder is now set up and will send out automatically to anyone that texts your clinic outside of office hours.

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