The New & Mobile-Friendly Patient Portal ✨

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The freshly upgraded Patient Portal puts your patient experience first by streamlining existing features and introducing some exciting new ones! Explore the new and improved Patient Portal experience below.


What's New

  1. Complete Mobile Redesign
  2. Book Again Feature
  3. Simplified Menu
  4. Booking Experience That's 2X Faster 

Complete Mobile Redesign

With the new mobile experience, patients can view upcoming appointments and book new ones, complete intake forms, pay outstanding invoices, and access our next brand-new feature on the list way more efficiently than ever.

Book Again Feature

Ready to rebook? Patients just tap on a previous appointment under Book Again and book the same service in a few seconds.

Simplified Menu

In the spirit of simplifying all things in the portal, we’ve consolidated the patient drop-down menu into one convenient navigation bar! This cleans up the entire interface while making options like “Book an Appointment” readily accessible and hard to miss. 


A Booking Experience That's 2X Faster

Patients can now book appointments 2x faster, with half the clicks. The new experience combines multiple steps into one and offers a beautiful new calendar and displays only the available appointment times creating a streamlined and user-friendly booking experience for any patient. Learn How to Log Into the Patient Portal to Book an Appointment here.


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