How to Use Optometry-Related Tariffs and ICD Codes

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Optometrist have set tariffs, as well as ICD codes that they deal with day in and day out. 

Why not set up Juvonno with the proper system settings for Tariffs, and ICD Codes to give your practitioners and administrators a streamlined and automated approach to appointment billing and claims.



Go to Settings>Specialties and add Optometry / Optometrist  code 56


Juvonno comes set up the appropriate Tariffs inside of your Juvonno settings.

If you do not currently see the tariffs that your optometry clinic uses inside of tariff settings, be sure to contact your Juvonno account manager and inquire about uploading your optometry tariffs.


The most commonly used Tariffs in optometry are:

  • Prefix: 7 - 8545
  • Prefix: 7 - 8546
  • Prefix: 7 - 9728
  • Prefix: 7 - 9726
  • Prefix: 7 - 9724

Unlike regular hotlinks, tariffs are used for claims back to health authorities. Therefore they only are turned on when creating a claim.


Creating a Claim with Tariffs

To create a claim with tariffs you first will need the following settings turned on.

Turn on claims


Tariff hotlinks will populate as long as a tariff has been set up inside of your Juvonno system.


These can be added to your hotlinks to give you quick access when creating a claim.

  • To add these hotlinks go to Accounting>Module Settings.
  • Enter the Tariff Hotlinks then Save.
  • When you create a New Claim the Hotlinks will appear on the bottom right corner of the pop-up.
  • To disable the ICD field as a requirement go to Settings>Tariffs>search for each Tariff and open the item. Under the Required ICD9 Code Required field, set that to No and Save.


Mandatory Fields required:

a. Enter the default ICD Code: 367.9 under the Modules popup.

b. Practitioner #: Settings>Practitioners.  Open the practitioner profile.  On the Profile tab, Practitioner # enter the Practitioner # and Save.



ICD Codes

 ICD-10 codes are used for everything from processing health insurance claims to tracking disease epidemics and compiling worldwide mortality statistics.

Why Use Medical billing codes Rather Than Words? ICD-10 stands for International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision, they give standardization across medical fields and throughout health authorities.

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