Waiting List : Overview

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Easily keep track of patients awaiting availability.

You can add patients to the Waiting List and call them as appointments become available to ensure the patient is available for the date and time that has become available.

You can also book a patient from the Waiting List directly when cancelling an appointment.

Keep in mind the patient selected while in the cancellation popup will receive an appointment reminder it is not confirmation the patient opened the appointment reminder and knows they have booked from the waiting list.

We suggest you contact patients on the waiting directly to confirm with them they are able to attend to avoid no shows.

System Settings

The Waiting List must be enabled to display the tab within the sidebar menu.   

Go to Settings, General, System, Modules, Waiting List.

Set to the Waiting List field to Enable and Save.


Staff Profile

The Practitioners you want to book on the waiting list must be added to your own profile, Practitioner Access tab in order to see them and be able to add patients to their waiting list.


Add a Patient to Waiting List

Select the Waiting List icon.



You will get the Waiting List popup as seen in the image below.

Select "Add Patient to Waiting List".




You will get the Waiting List/Modify popup.


Patient: Select the Patient Name.

Practitioner: Select the Practitioner the Patient wishes to see.

Clinic: Select the clinic if you have more than 1 location (Required)

Schedule Type: Select the Schedule Type being the Schedule Type or leave it to All Types.

Priority: Select the priority of the appointment

Preferred Time: Select the preferred time the patient wants the appointment.

Select Any Day, Specific Day or Date Range

Memo: Enter a memo if you wish.


To schedule from waiting list from a Cancelled Appointment

Select a Patient on the  schedule, select Cancel. 

When a patient cancels you see the Cancel Appointment popup. 



Select the checkbox beside "ReBook from Wait List". 

Patient: Select a patient from the drop-down list to book them in that time slot.

When you select "Cancel Appointment" the patient/s you will get a waiting list of patients.  Select the Patient and select Rebook Selected Appointment.


Note The Waiting List will sort automatically by:
Priority > Requested Date > Date Entered > Schedule > Patient Name 

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