How to Create and Redeem e-Gift Cards in Clinic

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How to Create an e-Gift Card

In this example, you will learn how to create a $100 e-Gift Card. You can use any denomination for this and you can change the amount upon checkout.


Step By Step Instructions

Step 1

Go to the Billing tab then Quick Invoice.



Step 2

Enter the Patient name, set the Insurance field to Direct to Patient, and set the Practitioner field to No Practitioner


Step 3

Under Item # field, enter "EGIFTCARD" then select EGIFTCARD: E-GIFT CARD


Step 4

You will get a popup where you can Enter Gift Card # or select Cancel and the system will create a gift card number for you


Step 5

Enter the Amount of the gift card then select Checkout


Step 6

Select the Pay By type, check the Payment Amount and then select $Apply Payment.



The invoice will be generated with the Gift Card # listed on it and the e-Gift Card will be added to the Patient Profile and can be found under History > Credits



How to Redeem an e-Gift Card

Step 1

To redeem an e-gift card for a patient's service, from the appointment block on the schedule select Complete and Invoice then Checkout



Step 2

Under Paid By select Gift Card, then click Select GC and choose the e-gift card from the dropdown menu.

*Note: If the e-Gift Card doesn't appear in the dropdown menu, you can find it by typing in the Gift Card # and selecting Lookup



Step 3a*

*If the e-Gift Card amount is equal to or greater than the Balance Owing

Enter the Payment Amount and select $Apply Payment


Step 3b*

*If the e-Gift Card amount is less than the Balance Owing 

Enter the Payment Amount then in the dropdown below Email Invoice to Patient, select New Payment & then select $Apply Payment


The gift card payment has been applied and the remaining invoice balance will appear as the Balance Owing. Now you can collect the remaining amount via a separate payment method.



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