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  ⇆  Schedule Practitioner Filter


Filter the schedule down to only view certain Practitioners' columns.


1.jpg Adjust using the multi-select filter found on the schedule's header

2.jpg Filter selections are stored per logged-in session

3.jpg Multi-clinic Practitioners schedule filters the practitioner selection per clinic



The Practitioners listed in the filter are initially based off of the Practitioner Access tab of each user's profile. This filter does not affect the permissions, but provides a method to further filter down which columns appear on the schedule based on the practitioners that the user has access to.



  ⇆  Email Reports Directly to Patients

The Patient Summary Invoice and AR Statements are first to receive the update.


1.jpg Send the Patient Summary invoice report to the patient it's being run for

2.jpg Send the AR Statement to one or more (multi-select) patients at once

3.jpg Emails are logged in the patient's profile > correspondence > email tab


  ⇆  Appointment Booking Search

A new type-to-search method is added for Practitioner selection.


1.jpg Clearly see which practitioner(s) is assigned to the appointment

2.jpg View the practitioner's type next to their name

3.jpg Adjust in Settings > General > Scheduling > Scheduling > Practitioner Selection



  ⇆  Daily Availability Templates

Create templates per practitioner to update the daily schedule on the fly.


1.jpg Templates are added in the Practitioner's Profile > Availability tab

2.jpg Apply from the Practitioner's dropdown menu > Daily Template submenu

3.jpg Switch from one daily template to another with a single click


Note: At least one template must be added in order for the Daily Template menu to display.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2022-10-25

▪ Jcomm: Added the following tags for all appointment-related triggers and templates:
Appointment Start Time, Product/Service Name, Appointment Date, Clinic Address, Practitioner Name, and Doxy Telehealth link (when applicable)

▪ HCAI Invoice Submissions: Added Invoice Details to the Submission Preview modal for the user to set if the invoice is the First, Last invoice or a combination/neither.

▪ Visit Type: A new toggle setting added to select which Visit Type is set by default on appointment booking found in Settings > General > Scheduling > Scheduling > Default Visit Type

▪ Patient Profile Access: Added a new option 'When I am Scheduled with the Patient' to the Practitioner's Profile > Login tab that when set, restricts the practitioner to access only patients they have had appointments with (past/future visits included).

▪ Text Reminders: Added a Doxy Tag so when the appointment is set to the Telehealth - Doxy visit type, the corresponding link is included in the appointment's text reminder.

▪ Patient Portal: A link to the Doxy telehealth session will display on the patient portal when applicable. The link is only displayed on the day of the appointment.

▪ OCF-3 Form: Updated the form's injury code section to populate when there's more than 5 listed.

▪ Commissions by Practitioner: The report now has an option to be ran based on the payment date instead of the invoice date. Set the 'Based on' in the report's parameters to Payment Date to capture commissions that had their invoices paid within the date range.

▪ Promotions: Added a new 'Subscriptions' promotion type to set up first-visit discounts with specific subscriptions.

▪ Stripe Integration: Added support for 3D Secure v2 authentication when applicable to all points of payment on the Patient Portal.

▪ Patient Portal: Added a Default Visit Type to product/service settings (once enabled for portal use) that will default the visit type of the appointment when the item is booked on the portal.

▪ Portal Profile: Added options to toggle the Date of Birth, Gender and Phone number as on/off or mandatory for the portal profile. Also the mandatory fields' popup summary that displays when a patient logs in (when applicable) will not display throughout the portal to ensure the patient fills out their profile. 

▪ Patient Merge: This feature will now first find results based on exact matches of the first and last name, followed by near-matches to ease the process of finding duplicate profiles. Also when there's over 200 results found, pagination is used.

▪ Sales by Practitioner: When an invoice is created from a multi-practitioner appointment, this report will now post the sale to the practitioner of whichever appointment was invoiced from. i.e. John Smith and Jane Doe are both practitioners on an appointment. If the user invoices the appointment under Jane Doe, the sale will be attributed to her Sales by Practitioner report, and not to John Smith.

▪ Jcomm: Added a submenu for the Cancelled trigger to specify a Cancellation Status
▪ Patient Portal: Added support for up to 600 characters in the Practitioner's bio section
▪ Appointment Confirmations: Added a option to 'unconfirm' to the appointment menu
Appointment Confirmations: Patient confirmation summary now includes the service
▪ Chart PDF Export: Added the ability to print the PDF's cover page without forms selected
▪ Invoice Template: The French invoice version's text has been fully translated 
▪ Date of Birth: Updated the year selection to display the current - last 100 years in one scroll
▪ Gender: Added the option of 'Unknown' to the Gender listing as a valid selection
▪ Patient Insurance Import: Added Insurance Notes as an optional item to the import app
▪ Telus Integration: Added the Ontario College of Social Workers License Issuer
▪ Telus Integration: Added the Social Worker practitioner type selection
▪ Subscriptions: Added a toggle to hide specific subscriptions from the patient's portal
▪ Patient Portal: Added a toggle to hide/show the language selector menu
▪ Patient Insights: Added a 'Has a Subscription' filter to the available options
▪ Patient Insights: Added a Subscription status filter to the available options
▪ Resource Schedule: Added the Practitioner's name to the appointment block
Vendors: Product/Service Vendor settings now supports prices with decimal points
Purchase Orders: Added the option to fax purchase orders directly from each PO's menu
▪ Intake Form Emails: Emails Subject will now display the actual Form's name
▪ Invoice Emails: Emails 'from' are now based on the Clinic's name (not Company's)
▪ Appointment Reminders: Emails 'from' are now based on the Clinic's name (not Company's)
▪ Appointment Reminders: Emails now include the patient's first name
▪ Appointment Reminders: Replaced the Doxy text link with a button for visibility
▪ Slate Report: Now includes warnings when allergies are added to the patient's profile
▪ Appointment Export: Added a Practitioner filter to the report's parameters
▪ Appointment Export: Added a Cancelation Reason column to the report
▪ COVID Survey: Added the latest V3 (as of Oct 1 2022) version of Ontario's survey
▪ COVID Survey: Added a custom V2b version with minimal questions
▪ Print Labels: Added Avery 5160 and 5161 templates to the label library
▪ Subscriptions: Added a toggle setting to restrict the portal booking to only subscriptions
▪ Knowledge Base: Relabeled the direct link found in the header to 'Help Centre'

Other System Updates:

Portal 'Book an Appointment' link on the home page (after login) revised
Payment Request page updated to fix logo size and add validations
Revised OHIP parsing function to display errors for incorrect invoice ids
Updated financial areas of the system to display appropriate currency
Multiple Schedule Cache-related issues resolved 
Schedule Appointment text colour revised for blank font colour codes
Payment Request portal page revised for 3D Secure v2
Invoice Editor updated to support treatment plan removal
Invoice Editor updated to correctly clear the attached insurance
Subscription Promotions adjusted to correctly assign discount on first visit
Subscription Promotions reapplied if payment failed during processing
Rescheduled resourced-linked appointments revised for consistency
Revised appointment booking fields to remain as is upon a 'force save'
Revised Patient Insights' 'Has Future Appointments Booked' filter
Portal Telehealth links (i.e. Doxy) repositioned
▪ Default Visit Type selection revised to allow updates
Rescheduled notifications include the updated Doxy link (where applicable)
Rescheduling appointments refactored to prevent schedule reload delay
Force Save on Appointments revised to ensure all fields store correctly
Portal 3D Secure Authentication payment amount displayed correctly
Notification emails revised to insert the Doxy telehealth link (where applicable)
Resolved Stripe credit card storage in Patient Profile > Accounting tab
Waiting list default results on first load corrected
Waiting list displaying results twice on reload corrected
Product Search by SKU revised to display accurate results
Resolved issue on the Invoice Template to prevent overlapping sections
Revised the Exempt Tax toggle on Checkout to correctly calculate tax
Revised the Patient Insurance Balances Report to avoid resetting array keys
Removed max in the 'Add All Practitioners' option in Treatment Plans
Restored the Product/Service's Clinic Access tab
▪ Revised all areas of text messaging to support UK's +44 prefix
Revised max count of rescheduled appointment 'notices' on the schedule
▪ Commission Payments report revised to factor in duplicate practitioner names
Purchase Orders with unsupported characters no longer hide their attached items
Resolved the 500 Error that displayed with the Add to Calendar link
Restored the Apply Changes/Save links on user profiles
Optometry Exam 4 (full exam tab) now displays the + New Eyeglass Rx link
Robocall Reminders error regarding +1 added to phone numbers resolved
Portal Appointment Accepted email no longer sends when using auto-accept bookings

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