How to Access JComm Campaign Results

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Monitor the success of your JComm Campaign through reporting.


JComm offers 2 reports to help you measure the success of any JComm campaign. Each campaign has its own statistics 'live' report available.


To access these reports, select  View_Report_link.png  next to a JComm campaign:


Report | Live Statistics



The following details are listed, specific to the campaign:


  1. a) Total Sent: Total messages successfully sent
  2. b) Total Opens: Total messages opened by the recipient
  3. c) Clicks: Total patients that clicked the 'Book an Appointment' link
  4. d) Ratings: Average Rating submitted (when applicable)
  5. e) Unsubscribed: Total patients that unsubscribed to Jcomm
  6. f) Total Errors: Total messages not sent due to potential errors

*Hover over the help tooltip to see a breakdown of errors when applicable


Report | Send Logs

The campaign's send logs will display in the lower half of the report.



Filter the logs by Status (Success, Error, etc.) and/or Reaction (Click, Rate, etc.).

Results include the date sent, date/time opened, if the portal booking link was clicked and more.

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