How to Run a JComm Campaign Test By Sending Yourself a Sample Message

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You are able (and encouraged) to run tests on your campaign before activation.



Within the Campaign Overview tab, you'll find two options to do so.


a) Campaign Audience Queue


Use this option to preview how many total recipients are estimated to receive the campaign's message based on the 'preview' date entered. Also, you will be able to validate the formatting and tags found within the message as well as view the overall finished look of the design.


i.e. A birthday campaign is created, with its Send On set to Day Of.

To run a preview, enter any date that has the month/day matching up to a patient's profile date of birth. This will simulate that date and provide the total count of messages being sent and a preview of the messages listed below the campaign.


For any campaign that has Send On set to Day Prior, After, Month After, etc. keep in mind to use this to offset your preview date. 


i.e. Benefit Reminder campaign is set with its Send Date set to Month Prior.

To run a preview, enter any typical insurance reset date (the first of any month) but back date it by a full month. To view a sample of your Sept 1st reset reminders messages, set the Preview date to Aug 1st.


b) Send a Sample Message


Use this option to actually send a single email or text message example to your own email/phone to have an instant sample for review. This helps in viewing the final result ahead of time on a phone or desktop, to edit formatting if necessary. Tags used with Samples will display example placeholder details.


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