2022 ⇆ June-July Updates

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  ⇆  Appointment Confirmations


Patients can now confirm their appointment by email or text.


1.jpg Email reminders now include a 'Confirm Appointment' link

2.jpg Text reminders can be replied with 'C' to confirm the appointment

3.jpg Toggle settings added to both reminder types to enable/disable either

4.jpg Appointments will display a 'Confirmed' status border on the Schedule



Enable Appointment Confirmations from
Settings > General > Modules > Advanced

Enable the link on Email Reminders and Notifications from
Settings > General > Reminders & Notifications > Appointment Email Reminders > Include Confirmation Link

Enable the ability for patient's to reply 'C' on Text Reminders from
Settings > General > Reminders & Notifications > Text Reminders > Text Message Confirmation

The 'Confirmed' status border colour can be adjusted from
Settings > General > Scheduling > Appointment Display







  ⇆  QR Code Generator & Link Hub


Easily generate QR Codes to share custom links with patients.


1.jpg Customize and generate QR codes per clinic or practitioner 

2.jpg Assign the code to any single direct link or to a landing hub of customized links

3.jpg Print and display the code in your clinic for patients to use with ease


Notes: QR codes are scanned with a phone's camera app and sends the user directly to the link associated with it. Learn more about QR codes here.


  ⇆  Third Inventory Tier

Assign a top-level grouping of inventory for Purchase Order usage.


1.jpg Designate 'Each' > 'Container' > 'Case' in Product/Services' Vendor tab 

2.jpg Edit the Product/Service's Vendor tab to assign the ordering format

3.jpg View and choose the ordering format on Purchase Orders


Note: This also includes the option to receive inventory based on the appropriate ordering format.



  ⇆  Patient Portal Language

Translate the Patient Portal for non-English speaking patients.


1.jpg Set the Company default in Settings > General > Portal > Language

2.jpg Patients can adjust the portal's language on the fly

3.jpg Switch to either French, Spanish or Italian languages


Note: More language support will be added over time.
If your system's portal requires another language to be added, please contact support@juvonno.com.


  ⇆  Intakes Tab UI Update

A cleaner method of displaying the list of a patient's custom intake forms.


1.jpg Forms are displayed in a list instead of tabs

2.jpg Filter and/or order the list of forms by status

3.jpg Print individual intakes directly from the form's menu


Note: Forms are ordered by date added to the patient's profile.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2022-08-11

▪ Waiting List:
Added options to sort by Requested Date, Created Date and Priority. Added shortcuts to the Patient Profile and Patient Lookup from each entry. Urgent and Critical priorities now display in red and the waitlist's popup includes the portal's requested service. The option to set which clinic the entry is for and a third 'Any Day' option added on the waitlist creation window which will prevent the entry from expiring until an appointment has been scheduled for the patient.

▪ Referral Categories: Added Referral Categories to organize Referral Types under. By default all referral types are assigned to the built-in 'General' category. Referral reports are also updated to provide the option of filtering by category.

▪ Patient Insights: Added 'First Appointment Clinic' and 'First Appointment Practitioner' to the available options in the 'Includes' section. This stat will display the patient's first seen practitioner and which clinic their first appointment was with.

▪ Portal Appointments Report: Added an excel version that also includes the total count of patient bookings created from the portal, the percentage of online bookings vs those created by Juvonno users and how many new (first-time booking) patients booked using the portal.

▪ Clinic Access: Clinic filters and applicable restrictions applied to the Voided Payments, Voided Invoices and Bad Debt reports based on the user's clinic access settings.

▪ Invoice Template: Added Clinic-specific tax numbers (found in Settings > Clinics > Accounting) that will display on the invoice based on the clinic location.

▪ Payments Received Report: Added a Payment Gateway filter to the report's parameters and a column to the report that displays which gateway (when applicable) was used to receive each payment.

▪ Appointment Reminders: Added a toggle setting to include/omit the scheduled product/service in the appointment reminder email / notification sent to the patient. Adjust this from Settings > General > Reminders & Notifications > Appointment Email Reminders.

▪ Patient Push Feature: Now only includes profile fields in the initial push, with the option to select which specific profile documents to also push to the other system. A new User Type has also been added to control access to this feature.

▪ Two Way Text: Access to patient text threads are now based on Patient Access (located in the profile's Clinic Access > Patient Access column).

▪ Invoice Editor: Added the ability to partially edit Paid Invoices. This includes updating the treatment plan, clinic, practitioner and/or invoice date.

▪ Invoice PDF Template: Added more customization options and grouped the related settings in the same section found in Settings > General > Accounting > Invoice Template

▪ OHIP Claims Report: Added a Claims Status and Tariff filter to the report's parameters. The excel version of this report now includes the tariff's number and the patient's name.

▪ Practitioner Dashboard: Updated to prevent redirection once a chart has been completed and the calendar date selector has been formatted for mobile. The MBHealth module now matches in style with the other tabs. Also the appointment menu now includes the option to view Cancellation Notes (when applicable).

▪ Availability: Now displays the Schedule Type's name and clinic on mouse hover of the slot. The portal availability customization now supports using shift to multiselect slots, and selecting 'Cancel' now directs the user back to the main Availability tab.

▪ Drag & Drop Reschedule: Added a User Type permission to toggle the ability of rescheduling appointments by dragging/dropping on the schedule.

▪ Slate Report: Updated to include the Resource code, total appointment count, appointment reason and memo, and the WCB Insurance details (when applicable). An 'Add Resource Notes' link has been added to the Resource's dropdown menu which populates the report. Also, the report's parameters now presets the start/end date based on the schedule date the link is selected from.

▪ SAM App: API Integration added with the intake form, Workplace Accommodation and the chart template ACCM Report.

▪ PDF Export: Added a Complaint filter to only export charts related to that specific complaint
▪ OCF-18 Form: Includes the Default/RHP and any practitioners assigned to product/services
▪ Patient Portal: Added the clinic's phone number and address fields to the Clinic selection
▪ Invoice Search: Now has the Print Batches dropdown menu filtered based on Clinic Access
▪ Company Time Zones: Added the GMT time zone option towards those available to select
▪ Pending Appointments: Added User Type to restrict access to the Pending Appointments tab
▪ User Profiles: Added a Date of Birth field to Practitioner, Admin and Employee profiles
▪ Patient Profile: Added an option to delete uploaded images
▪ Treatment Plan Report: Added the Treatment Plan's End Date to the report
▪ Payments by Practitioner Report: Added the Item's Category to the excel output
▪ Surgery Tracker Report: Added Patient's Name, Chart # and Insurance assigned to the visit
▪ Patient Assessments Report: Separately totals Follow-Up counts between practitioner/clinic
▪ Appointment Booking: Now filters out inactive complaints from the Complaints menu
▪ Appointment Booking: Now tracks change history of practitioner and/or clinic fields
▪ Practitioner Commissions: Now tracks change history of commission change history
▪ Commission Payments Report: Added the Patient's Name and Invoice Date to the PDF
Commissions by Practitioner Report: Now includes the product/service number

Other System Updates:

Patient Portal no longer fails to load the schedule when the waiting list is disabled
Schedule types set to 'Any Clinic' used with Multi-clinic practitioner schedule revised
Multi-clinic practitioner dashboard now displays only the schedules of the filtered clinic
Fixed potential issue with schedule cache displaying schedules not accessible by the user
▪ Fixed being able to view 'past' daily availability overrides
▪ Rescheduled Appointments to different practitioners now displays correctly
▪ Fixed the Billed Appointment 'review' window to correctly display Treatment Plans
▪ Trimmed whitespace from Clinic's Telus fields to avoid validation errors
▪ Patient Profile > Documents tab now correctly loads results when no filter is used
▪ Two-Way Text chat module now supports loading HTML elements
▪ The Waiting List's popup now only displays patients based on their preference
▪ Adjusted Purchase Order Notes to avoid being layered over other content
▪ Adjusted the Patient Insights' Last Appointment Date filter to omit Todos/Calls
Revised and reinstated Email Reminders for patients assigned to Programs
▪ Appointment Email Reminder/Notifications' Add to Calendar revised
▪ Updated the Patient Portal Profile to display the correct username
▪ The Patients Drop-Off report's User Type now affects the practitioners dashboard
▪ Removed requirement to have Payment Gateways enabled to perform a refund
▪ Payment Refunds revised to support $1000 or more amounts
▪ Added support to enter $0 for product group pricing overrides
▪ Revised Jcomm's Campaign Report's date filter to display results correctly
▪ Patient Assessments Report's follow-ups counts revised 
▪ Appointment service durations updated to support up to 4 hour durations
▪ Revised Treatment Plan Hotlink quantities to follow amount booked
▪ Appointment Export revised to include visits set without a schedule type
▪ Revised Schedule Type permissions on the schedule's availability
▪ Revised Portal Rescheduling to correctly cancel the original appointment
▪ Added Stripe's badge to the Portal's Payment page
▪ Revised Custom Chart PDF Exports to avoid elements being cut by the margins
▪ Revised the Waiting List results to include patients not assigned a default clinic
▪ Revised the 'Alternate Week' schedule display when using the week view
▪ Revised the Patient Profile validation for 'deceased' status
▪ Revised the Patient Profile's Height/Weight display toggle
▪ Revised the Payments Received report's date format
▪ Revised Alberta Blue Cross' EOB to display the company name correctly
▪ Revised the OCF18 form (Part 4) to print the correct radio selection made
▪ Revised the OCF18 form (Part 8c) to print the correct radio selection made
▪ Revised the Schedule menu's View Tasks link to follow Practitioner Access

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