How does Juvonno's Waiting List work?

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Easily fill up cancelled appointments with patients from the waitlist.


What is it?

Juvonno's Wait List is for patients that require an appointment on a date or date range that is (at the time) unavailable. In the event the time opens up due to a cancellation, the waitlist will prompt the user with a list of patients that match the criteria.


What are the timeframes for morning, afternoon, evening?

Morning = midnight - 11:59am
Afternoon = 12pm - 5:59pm
Evening = 6pm - 11:59pm


How to Enable and Use the Waitlist

1) For users with access to the general settings and want to enable the feature, navigate to:
Settings > General > Modules > General > Waiting List select Enabled, Save.

2) On the Home page you will find the Waitlist link appear on the left sidebar menu:

3) Filter your results by either Clinic, Practitioner and/or Schedule Type.
If necessary, select the Advanced Search to access further filter options.


4) Results are displayed in either list or card view and sorted by Earliest or Latest creation date:


Note Results are ordered based on oldest date created that is still active or does not have an end date entered. (To swap the order, use the sorting toggle.)


5) Select 'Add Patient to Waiting List' from the top-right to add a new entry:


6) Enter the patient's name, choose which practitioner and schedule type (optional) that applies and 'Save'.


7) When an appointment is cancelled that matches a waitlist entry's criteria, a prompt will display:

Select a patient from the list and click 'Rebook Selected Appointment' to complete the booking.


If you have multiple entries, you can select the last option to send email notifications to all patients letting them know that an opening has become available. The email will send to all patients on the Waiting List that match that openings parameters.


The email notification provides a link to the patient portal and forwards the patient directly to the confirmation screen. Upon confirming, the pending appointment will need to be accepted (if the appropriate setting is enabled) by the admin at that point to complete the booking process.



Frequently Asked Questions


When you select a name from this list, they are automatically booked in?
Yes, either you select which patient to fill the spot on the schedule and contact them through other means to inform them, or you can first contact either of those patients and then book them in manually.
Keep in mind that if you have booking notifications enabled in the system, the selection on the waitlist popup will trigger the email.


What happens to all the people that are on our wait list (existing wait list) looking for a spot that could possibly be that one?
Existing Waitlist entries remain as is - so all will be there as they were previous to the update. Whether its existing patients on the wait list or new ones coming through going forward, only matching patients will display in the popup in prioritized order based on the date they requested it and then by urgency/priority level entered.

When a patient is on the portal, and they want to be added to the waitlist, do they have to add it per specific appointment time or can they select for that entire day?
The portal waitlist is currently only accessible when a patient selects a specific date (using the calendar) that brings back no results. There's a 'Add me to the Waitlist' link that directs the patient to a confirmation screen for them to complete the process. Since, in order to get to the calendar - a patient is required to have set their clinic/practitioner and/or service - those items are passed on to the waitlist entry.

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