Treatment Plan Report

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This report displays a list of treatment plans with this specific data

Utilize it to its potential and stay up-to-date on details such as total approved, total remaining and which specific product/services have quantity left, filterable by Patient, Treatment Plan status, Clinic and/or insurance company.


where-sm.pngWhere is it?

Start by navigating to Invoice-Icon.png Reports.

Under the Statistics heading, select Treatment Plan .


complete-sm.pngEnter in the details

Complete the Report Parameters in the available fields.


Parameters Explained

Click here for more about what each field represents.


Individualize the report or leave blank for all

Start/End date
Enter the date range for the report

Filter by the status of the treatment plan

Filter by clinic

Insurance Company 
Filter by Insurance Company 


sample-sm.pngReport Sample:

Click on the image to view a larger sample of the excel output.


Columns & Calculations

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  • Treatment Plan (Name & #)
  • Document # (HCAI-provided, post-submission)
  • Patient Name
  • Date Submitted
  • Current Status
  • Approved (Amounts Approved from HCAI)
  • Coverage Used (Approved amounts used so far)
  • Coverage Remaining (Approved amount available)
  • Items Remaining (Product/Services on the Plan)
  • Qty Remaining (# of Qty left of each product/service)




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