2022 ⇆ April-May Updates

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  ⇆  Patient Portal Waitlist (Available 2022-06-13)


Patients can add themselves to the waitlist while booking on the portal.


1.jpg Added a 'Waitlist' section on the portal where requests will display

2.jpg Improved Juvonno's Waitlist and added reference to portal entries

3.jpg Waitlist UI Updated with two viewing methods; list or cards

4.jpg Automated waitlist email notifications for patients that match open spots



Waitlist notifications will send to each patient (in priority order) that matches the newly opened appointment slot every hour until the slot is booked.



  ⇆  Availability Upgrades

UI Updates and functional improvements made to allow alternate week availability.


1.jpg Set up availability with alternate weeks (Week 1, Week 2) that repeat

2.jpg Interface restructured to handle all functions within the same page

3.jpg Easily view the Schedule Type's assigned clinic while editing availability


Notes: The multi-clinic practitioner dashboard is updated to only display the availability assigned to the clinic being filtered. Learn more here


  ⇆  Idea Hub

If you have an idea for Juvonno, we want to hear about it.


1.jpg Fill out the form, choose the closest-matching category and submit

2.jpg Ideas are sent to Juvonno's team and adds towards the Idea Hub database*

3.jpg Upload images to send along with your idea for further clarity


Note: * The next phase of this development will be to share the hub with all users to allow for community voting. Learn more here



  ⇆  Practitioner Dashboard Menu

Added the practitioner's menu to the dashboard for easy access to shortcuts.


1.jpg Create Aways / block time off on the schedule

2.jpg Request Holidays directly from the menu

3.jpg View the day's Tasks and access Availability


Note: All existing menu items found on the Home schedule and the permissions/restrictions assigned to access links are


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2022-06-09


Two-Way Chat: Added preview notifications that will display (along with the red dot on the header) the first portion of the incoming text. Select it to open the chat thread or dismiss the notification with (x).

French Invoice Template: For systems that primarily have french-speaking clients, a new option has been added to Settings > General > Accounting > Invoice Template and once enabled will refer to the Language Preference selection of the patient's profile to dictate whether the invoice is generated in either English or French. Note this function does not apply to custom invoice templates.

Product Serials Report:
Added serial number tab (once the module is enabled) to product/services in order to assign one or more serial numbers. This functionality displays on appointment booking, checkout and when inventory is being received. This development is also bundled with a Serial Tracking report.

OCF23/OCF18 Forms: Updated the PDFs to include the return address of the insurance company, product/service comments and the estimated duration (OCF18) auto-calculates based on the Start and End date of the plan. Also, when the RHP is the same as the Default Practitioner on the plan, the OCF forms will reflect that selection and skip Part 5.

Treatment Plan Report: This new report will populate with various HCAI Treatment Plan details such as total amount approved, total remaining and which specific product/services have quantity left, filterable by Patient, Treatment Plan status, Clinic and/or insurance company.

Complaints Report: Gather a list of patients that have appointments assigned with complaints within a date range. Details include the product/service codes, their appointment's durations, retail amount as well as the ICD Codes attached to the Complaint. Filter by Clinic, Default Practitioner and/or Patient.

Surgery Tracker Report:
This new report will populate with appointment Surgery Tracker details such as date, start time, resource, and the treating Surgeon and Anaesthesiologist attached to the appointment.

Discharge Report #2: A new PDF-Fillable form added to the library that includes Outcome Measures, Indications for onward care and additional notes.

Patient Assessment Report: Added an Initial Practitioner column to the 'All Patients' tab denoting which practitioner took part in the assessment, as well as added the number of upcoming appointments in the practitioner-specific tab that are scheduled with the practitioner,  separate from the number of upcoming appointments had in general.

Aways: Popup window has been converted to a modal and presets the 'All Day' option to match the start/end date of the Global Start/End time to avoid being displayed past the earliest schedule time.

SR Fax Integration: Simplified steps to setup the integration and cleaned up Fax log's UI. When filtering by received faxes, an additional option to also filter by 'assigned' or 'unassigned' will display.

Practitioner Dashboard: New 'View Charts' link added within the My Day tab to review the last 5 charts created for the patient from one page. Also reinstated the 'Clear All' function for Agenda modules.

Invoice Template: Toggle settings added to include the practitioner's digital signature and/or the practitioner's GST# on the default invoice template. This is updated in Settings > General > Accounting > Invoice Template

Appointments: Enable the new setting to display the patient's Alternate name in brackets next to their name on the appointment: Settings > General > Scheduling > Appointment Display

Prescriptions: Added options to edit or delete prescriptions (with User Type permissions). Any deleted prescriptions are logged within the patient profile's history changes table.

Charting: Added timestamps when a chart is completed and/or locked. View them by hovering over the chart's status in either the dashboard 'MyDay' tab or the patient's profile > charts tab.

Jcomm Plans: From this product update going forward, Jcomm's plans come bundled with Two-way texting, Team Mail, Team Chat and various methods of sending outgoing texts. If your system does not have a plan selected, these features will be disabled.

Patient Portal: Added a customizable Preliminary Questions section to Settings > General > Portal where you can edit the text, enable/disable one of three questions of which are then mandatory for patients to answer prior to booking appointments in your system.

▪ Telus: Added eclaims code to the system: 6.TA.50 for Training and Exercise 
▪ Telus: Added the Speech-Language Pathologist practitioner type
▪ Claim Secure: Claim form updated to latest version that includes the provider section
▪ User Types: Added permission to allow/restrict the deletion of Documents
▪ WCB: Return to Work Details form added to treatment plans
▪ WCB: Early Intervention Report form added to treatment plans
▪ WSIB: Form 6 added as a fillable PDF to the form's library
▪ WSIB: Form 7 added as a fillable PDF to the form's library
▪ Payments: Updated the 'Direct Deposit' payment type to include an ID# field
▪ Consolidated Invoices: Now includes secondary practitioners (when applicable)
▪ Actual Insurance Amount Batches: Now includes secondary practitioners
▪ Visit Types: Added a 'Home Visit' option to the list in Appointment Booking
▪ Products/Services: Update DIN# to type-to-search based on drug database
▪ Products/Service Imports: Added Status and HCAI-related fields to the import app
▪ Schedule: Loading times increased significantly across schedules
▪ Jcomm: Added a Clinic Phone number tag to Jcomm's Campaign editor
▪ Surgery Tracker: Updated field labels for consistency with the Surgery Tracker report


Other System Updates:

Inactive Insurance profiles display correctly within the split invoice dialog
▪ Credit Statements' 'Outstanding Balance' text swapped to 'Credit Balance'
▪ Telus's Password DLL required update applied
▪ Telus UV Insurance Carrier number updated
▪ Purchase Order PDFs now wrap the vendor, service item # and name
▪ Aged AR Excel output report's values now save as numbers
▪ Blue Cross and Sunlife claim forms now auto-populate service dates
▪ Converted additional fields on the French invoice template
▪ DIN# field now has an 8 character max and accepts leading zeros
▪ Dashboard's Agenda modules revised to prevent menu clipping
▪ Dashboard's Agenda now sorts by Due Date
▪ Jcomm's 60 Day AR Template trigger's logic revised
▪ Jcomm's dashboard now calculates to include SMS segments
▪ Jcomm plan selection updated with latest rates and bundles
▪ Weekly Practitioner report corrected date range 
▪ Staff Profiles' 'Apply Changes' process revised
▪ Recurring invoices updated to process payments
▪ Cancelling an Arrived appointment now defaults to 'No Reason'
▪ Portal's Outstanding invoices now only include patient balances
▪ Portal Booking double-booking prompt fixed navigation
▪ Day End report's payment received totals revised
▪ WSIB FAF form's revised to remove typos
▪ Auto-close the text message dialog once a message is sent
▪ OCF18 form generates regardless if duration estimate is given
▪ Texting updated to allow for UK (+44) text messaging
▪ SRFax's Received Timestamp revised to display correctly
▪ Conflicts revised to take into account practitioner breaks
▪ Deleting a payment closes the payment window correctly
▪ Forms and Charts revised to be compatible with iPad iOS 15
▪ Two-way Text Notifications no longer displays for all users
▪ OHIP Claims 'Referring Doctor' not displays correctly
▪ Practitioner Breaks and Conflicts for Recurring Appointments 
▪ Revised Appointment Booking 'close' function on dashboard
▪ Optometry Exam 4 revised to include Eyeglass Rx into the PDF
▪ Team Mail reply from Force Message popup revised
▪ Team Mail reply from Patient Profile > Messages revised
▪ Active Directory enabled now allows updating user profiles 
▪ Detailed Category Coverage combined maximum visits revised
▪ Email notifications revised for display on iOS devices
▪ Email notifications removed trailing 'aaa' and 'Minutes' text
▪ Replaced all date constants with date commands (internal)
▪ Comprehensive Sales report PDF download revised for formatting
▪ Charting 'Unlocked warning' prompt revised to save correctly
▪ HCAI Dashboard's 'Awaiting EHB' status revised to display correctly
▪ Schedule Search revised to filter practitioner based on availability
▪ Field Validations added to trim blank space on prominent
Patient Profile, Insurance, Company, Clinic, User and Telus profile fields

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