2022 ⇆ Feb-March Updates

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  ⇆  Update Highlights




  ⇆  Practitioner Dashboard


The remade Dashboard displays your appointments, charts and individual statistics.


1.jpg An improved schedule with individual user customization

2.jpg See your last three uncharted visits with direct access to the patient's charts

3.jpg View your own schedule in a personalized day, week or month view

4.jpg See your live stats, agenda and take action on patient drop offs with follow-ups


Notes: Learn more about the Practitioner Dashboard here.



  ⇆  Payment Refund

Log the refund of a payment on the invoice as well as on payment reports.


1.jpg Refunds will display on the payments section of the invoice template

2.jpg Day End and Payment reports will reference the refund with a negative amount

3.jpg Refunds are accepted by either the original payment method or by cheque


Notes: The invoice history and patient profile both log refunded payments.
Learn more about Payment Refunds here.


  ⇆  Notification Email Updates

A new consistent design of all (patient and clinic) email notifications.


1.jpg Notification emails now also follow the Patient Reminder email's settings

2.jpg New responsive design adapted for mobile and tablet

3.jpg Virtual appointments* no longer include the clinic's address details


Note: Virtual appointments are those set with any telehealth Visit Type.



  ⇆  Team Mail UI Update

An updated user interface applied to the Team Mail feature.


1.jpg Redesigned to support desktop, mobile and tablet

2.jpg Mark your mail as bring read (individually or in bulk)

3.jpg Organize mail in customizable folders


Note: Team Mail is available as part of Jcomm's plans.



  ⇆  'Tracking Ladder' Treatment Plans

A new type of treatment plan specific to automated staff task management.


1.jpg Create tracking ladder templates to save time when assigning to patients

2.jpg Set Activation methods that trigger a ladder's step/task to be assigned

3.jpg Allow certain steps to be skipped to trigger the next step in sequence

4.jpg All assigned steps/tasks will display in Schedule > Follow-ups tab 


Note: Enable this feature in Settings > General > Modules > Advanced
Learn more about Tracking Ladders here.



  ⇆  SRFax Integration

Juvonno is now integrated with SRFax which supports incoming and outgoing faxes.


1.jpg Assign each clinic with their own SRFax number

2.jpg Added a filter to the Fax log to view Received faxes

3.jpg Assign received faxes to one or multiple patient profiles' Documents


Note: Learn more about the SRFax setup here.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2022-04-07

▪ Schedule: Various queries updated/modernized to improve schedule loading times (especially with systems that contain a large amount of Schedule Types).

▪ Charts: Ability added to delete completed or locked charts by the main author/practitioner or an Admin Level 2. Deleted charts are logged in the Patient's History > Changes tab.

▪ FSCO Report: A new report has been added following FSCO guidelines for HCAI systems. This report includes Patient Chart#, Name, Accident Date, Claim Number, Policy Number, Insurance Name and Total # of Invoices to Date.

▪ Chart/Intake Form Builder: Added custom dimension overrides to the drawing canvas element. This provides a method to adjust the image's size on the PDF output.

▪ Invoice Template: Now always includes the Balance Owing subtotal regardless if paid or not and the 'Owes' text has been updated to 'Amount'. (i.e. Patient Owes = Patient Amount)

▪ Invoice Template: New setting added to display/hide product/service descriptions on the default invoice template. Edit this and other template changes from Settings > General > Accounting > Invoice Template.

▪ Payments Received Report: Added the patient's Chart # to the Excel output

▪ Item Sales by Date Report: Added the practitioner's name to both Excel outputs

▪ Manion: Added the fillable PDF insurance claim form to the main form library

▪ Sunlife: Added the fillable PDF consent form to the main form library

▪ Life Labs:
Added the fillable Laboratory Requisition Form to the main form library

▪ Patient Demographic Import:
Updated to include Emergency Contact fields

▪ Staff Import: Now includes Default Schedule Type, Home Schedule and a default availability. 

▪ Product/Service Import:
Updated to include the vendor's item number in the Vendor string, the Status (active/inactive), as well as HCAI's UOM, UOM Qty and PAF Type.

▪ Patient Summary Invoice: new filter added to include (non-invoice) payments and revised the payments received subtotal to filter out 'credits' used as payment.

▪ Detailed Cancellation Reasons: Updated to include the option: No Show - Incomplete

▪ Appointment Visit Types: Added a 'Staffing' Visit Type option

▪ Patient Profile: Added the option to set the Health Care field as mandatory for profiles.
Assign/customize the patient profile from Settings > General > Patients > Patient Profile.

▪ Patient Profile > Documents: Added a column for the Document's Category.

▪ Appointment Booking: Added help tooltips to distinguish Products & Services from Consumables

Other System Updates:

Optometry Exam 4 Diagnosis/Treatment fields revised on PDF output
Reinstated 'close' button on Optometry Exam 3's Historical Data popup
Day End report corrected to display tax breakdown with split invoices
Day End report now includes negative payments when applicable
Appointment Booking from the Resource Schedule revised
Appointment menu updated to avoid being partially hidden by the header
Patient Profile > Correspondence text now accepts non-standard characters
Chart/Intake form builder's PDF generation now prevents text cut-offs
Chart/Intake form builder's radio buttons revised to prevent errors
Added loading GIF when charts are saved to avoid early window close
Slate report no longer includes Dismissed/Deleted appointments
Detailed Cancellation Reasons revised to display correct selection
Detailed Cancellation Reasons revised for appointment deletions
Treatment Plan templates temporary display issue resolved
HCAI Successful submission modal restored
HCAI Dashboard correctly links to denied/inactive plans
HCAI Dashboard correctly batches (Quick Invoiced) split invoices
HCAI Billing PMSGS Key error resolved
▪ Deleted Treatment Plans no longer display within active plans
Patient Arrivals by Resource revised to omit display errors
Manitoba Health module revised for Remittances by Date report
Sunlife insurance removed from Telus' eclaims listing
Swapped HCAI's 'Get Insurer' List Branch / Insurer number headings
Portal Cancellations revised to send the clinic an email when applicable
Jcomm Top 5 campaigns' calculations revised for larger results
Practitioner Dashboard's MyDay's chart filters revised
Practitioner Dashboard's Drop Off's Follow-up filter revised
Practitioner Dashboard's Breaks considered for appointment duration
Practitioner Dashboard's Practitioner Schedule Interval revised
Comprehensive Sales revised for split invoices and multiple quantities
Patient Summary Invoice Report revised for split invoices
Complete & Chiro Bill now defaults the insurance based on the appointment
Claim Forms generation revised on Appointment Checkout (when applicable)
Friend referral program incentive increased to $100
Built-in chart templates with a drawing canvas now prevent blank save
Custom chart templates with a drawing canvas now prevent blank save

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