How to Book an Appointment for a Private Patient

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Step 1

Click an appointment time on the schedule to book the appointment.

Step 2

Fill in the details 



Patient Enter the patient's name
Complaints Select an existing complaint from the drop down options or select Add to add a new one.
Treatment Plans This option will be set to Select as it's a private patient.
Insurance This is private patient the setting will be set to "Direct".
Reason Optional
Date The date will be preselected


Select Yes if booking recurring appointments.

Visit Type

Select In Clinic or one of the other options depending on what features you have enabled in your system.


The default clinic will be selected or you can change it if necessary.


Select a Resource if you have resources enabled.



Patient Reminder

You have the option to change the appointment reminder just for this appointment.  All other appointments will remain as booked.

Products & Services Item # or Name

Enter the item number or start typing text in the Name field to locate the item you are scheduling or select the GO button to get a list of items to select from.


Step 3

Select Save



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