How to Create Third Party Batch Invoices

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Print batches are used to consolidate invoices so that you  submit them to third party companies or provide them to individuals.


Step by Step Instructions


1. First you will have created invoices for a specific insurance company or a patient that you want to batch.


2. Navigate to Accounting>Print Batching.


3. Select Create Batch Invoice



The Print Batch window will open.



Type Select whether it is a third party invoice or Direct to the Patient.
Batch Name Provide a batch name for your reference
End Date Select the End date. Any invoices not billed will be pulled into the batch
Include Paid Invoices Select if you want to include paid invoices.
Include $0.00 Transactions Select if you want to include $0.00 transactions
Patient Enter the patient name if this is a batch for a specific patient
Third Parties Select the third party you are creating the batch for.
Clinics Select the clinic
Clinic Address Select the clinic Address
Preview Individual Invoices You are able to previous the individual invoices before creating the batch.


5. Once all the details have been entered and selected click Create Batch.


6. You get a confirmation popup.  Select OK.


7. You will get another popup to click a link taking you to the Print Batch page.



You will be on the page that lists the batches. 

Click the icon to the left of the batch item to select the option you require depending on the type of batch you want to create.


Batch View/Print options
Individual Invoices
Consolidated Invoices
Consolidated Invoices (Actual Insurance Amount)
Consolidated Invoices for Treatment Plans
Consolidated Invoices for MB WCB
Consolidated Invoices for MPI
Consolidated OCF21B
Consolidated OCF21B (Only MVAs)
Submit Batch Electronically



Once you have printed or downloaded the batch set it to Mark Batch as Printed or Mark Batch as Sent so that you know you have completed that batch.

You will be able to access these batches from the Search area under the Status field.




10. Deleting a batch

You are able to delete a batch if you have not set it to printed or sent and create the batch again.







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