How to Create Custom Charts and Intake Forms

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Important Notes:

  • Please do not use symbols or special characters when creating these charts under any of the elements.

    i.e. Do not use any of these: @#%* ( ) or any other symbol.


  • Radio button:  if you have 2 questions and use the radio button then only 1 of the questions will be able to be selected.

    i.e. "Do you smoke?" yes or no - only 1 option will be able to be selected.


  • Every question should be in its own row for best formatting and view in the patient profile and when creating a pdf.  This applies to creating both a chart and intake form.

  • Export to PDF - If your PDF version of the chart does not show the entire Field Name, go to Settings, Form and Chart Templates, edit the template, double click the Field Name and add a space to the end of the row then Update Element.


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