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  ⇆  Google Calendar Integration


Share Juvonno's appointments directly with your Google Calendar.


1.jpg Practitioners can link their Google Account to their profile to push appointments

2.jpg Patients can 'Subscribe' to their appointment direct from their Reminder emails

3.jpg Patients can push their appointments to their calendar from their patient portal

4.jpg Enable this in Settings > General > Modules > Integrations > Google Calendar



Only the user that is logged in can subscribe to their own profile.
(An admin user cannot link a practitioner's profile on their behalf)

This integration is one-way, in that Juvonno's appointments will display in Google Calendar, however changes made on the Google Calendar will not reflect back in Juvonno.



  ⇆  Settings Reorganized

A functional new look with intuitive grouping.


1.jpg Sections converted to accordion menus that recall their last position

2.jpg Customize which settings to display/hide*

3.jpg More modules added to Settings > System > Modules


Not all settings can be completely hidden, though they can be made inaccessible using User Types permissions.



  ⇆  Clinic-specific Logos

Assign each clinic a logo to override the company's logo.


1.jpg Logos affect their display on invoices*, the patient portal and print batches

2.jpg Update your clinic logo in Settings > Clinics > Logo

3.jpg Added options to both company and clinic logos to delete uploaded logos


Note: This update affects default invoice templates only.
Custom templates may not receive this change unless requested.



  ⇆  Login Password Peek

Temporarily display the password text as its being entered in.



Note: This toggle only displays the password at the time of entry.



  ⇆  Clinic Access Phase 3


Remaining reports and areas updated to support Clinic Access settings.


1.jpg Aged AR, Sales By Date, Taxes Collected, Clinic Statistics, Consumables,
No Bill Appointments, Reminder Calls, Reminder History, Activity Summary

2.jpg Employee Sales Statistics Receivables Listing, Third Party Receivables, Slate
Appointment Statistics, Bad Debt, Payments by Practitioner, Detailed Sales by Date

3.jpg Third-Party Invoices, Patient Statement, AR Statement, Credits, Sales by Payor
Credits Reimbursements, Commission Payments, Open Appointments

4.jpg Item Sales by Date, Patient Retention, Sales by Practitioner, Inventory reports and
sending internal staff messages to the clinic now filters based on clinic access.


Notes: Access settings are adjusted in each staff profiles' Clinic Access tab.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2022-02-03

▪ Patient Documents: Assign a default category in Settings > Document Categories to filter by in the Patient Profile's Documents tab.

▪ Hotlinks: Now displays the item number and name of the product/service

▪ Hotlinks: Type-to-search by # or name from Profile > Preferences tab > Hotlinks

▪ Quick Invoice: Now supports adding products/services with individual service dates

▪ Patient Portal: Patients can now enter a reason for their cancellation.

▪ Patient Portal: Patients are warned when double booking for the same date and time.

▪ OHIP: Validate Health Cards with the Ontario health insurance plan in the Patient Profile. This tool confirms based on the profile's full name, gender and date of birth.

▪ Onhands Report: A detailed output option has been added to include the DIN#, Vendor, Price per Unit of Measure, Unit of Measure and Each per Unit of Measure. The default 'Summary' output option now includes the Cost value per item.

▪ Slate Repot: This new report provides a list of all appointments for a selected day or date range, filterable by Practitioner, Clinic and/or Resource. Details include the appointment memo, reason, start/end time and resource assigned.

▪ Day End Report: Payments made towards the purchase of a Gift Card is now included on the report.

▪ Purchase Orders: Added a Product & Service to filter Purchase Orders with.

▪ Contacts: New feature added to merge contacts follows the Patient Merge process. The associated User Type permission must be enabled to access the function in Settings > Contacts. Also added an 'Apply Changes' option when editing Contacts.

▪ Wait List: Now is able to be sorted by either Date Entered or Requested Date.

▪ Paid Invoice Email: Added the ability to customize the contents of the 'Paid' email template.

▪ Sales by Payor: Report now includes an optional 'Claims' filter to include them within results.

▪ Deceased Patients: Profiles marked 'Deceased' will cancel the patient's future appointments.

▪ Charting: Added which practitioner is assigned to the Next/Last 5 Appointments and a filter to view results based on a specific Practitioner. Also, the date now begins with the day of the week.

▪ Charting: A prompt will now display asking if the user would like to save an 'empty' chart,
when a chart is first started but exited before any data has been entered.

▪ Charting: When an 'In Progress' chart is opened, it now defaults to the 'read-only' view. Users can select 'Continue Chart' to make changes.

▪ Chart PDF Export: PDF Export link is now moved out of the menu and into the header.

▪ Chart PDF Export: Custom letterhead menu added that sets the header/footer of each chart's page that is being exported to a letterhead added to the system in Settings > Letter. A custom letterhead will also remove the cover page from the export.

▪ Custom Letterheads: Updated the text editor to the latest version for ease of use.

▪ Appointment Import: Now supports designating the resource assigned to the visit.

▪ Appointment Import:
The Paid column is no longer a requirement for import

▪ Appointment Import:
Appointments can now only be imported in for Practitioners

▪ Patient Profile Import: Referral Types will now be added if not already existing.

▪ Patient Insurance Import: Third-Parties will be added if not already existing.

Staff Import: Each staff type will now be designated to their respective User Type.

▪ Credit Memo: PDF output now displays the Clinic's details in the header rather than the Company's.

▪ Default Invoice Template: Company name now wraps to avoid overlay on patient data and Address 2 fields will be included when applicable.

▪ Manitoba Health: Unassigned Payments module updated to allow type-to-search for the patient's name and the date range selection is defaulted based on the service date of the unassigned payment.

▪ Maximum Benefits: Claim form updated to the latest version and to be a fillable PDF.

▪ Desjardins: Claim form updated to the latest version and to be a fillable PDF.

▪ Eyeglass Prescriptions: Added a field for Referring Doctor that populates the PDF.

▪ OCF18: PDF form now auto-populates the Practitioner's Registration # field.

▪ Appointment Reminders: Hide the address on the Appointment Reminder emails added to Settings > General > Reminders & Notifications > Appointment Reminders.

▪ Appointment Reminders: Now include the ical attachment for quick addition to external calendar app.

▪ Two-factor Authentication: Ability to reset a profile's 2FA link for Level 2 Admins

▪ Invoice Numbering: Ability to add a prefix to all invoices (created going forward)

▪ SSO: With Juvonno staff's assistance, systems can now be setup to use Azure Active Directory SSO. Prerequisites include: creating
a new "Enterprise Application" in Azure, configuring SAML-based SSO and sending the metadata.xml file to Juvonno's support.

▪ eGift Cards: Added an option to resend the eGift Card email if it has not been used.

▪ eGift Cards: Added an option to toggle hiding the feature on the patient portal.

▪ Accounting & Reports Tabs: Sections can be toggled to be open/closed by default

System Update: OCF-18 treatment plan's Part 9 selection now populates the PDF
System Update: Manitoba Health Query form populates the Practitioner's address
System Update: WSIB Shoulder Program of Care Assessment form text typo
System Update: Patient Statistics' Clinic filter is now based on the schedule
System Update: PDF Chart exports now avoid overlay issues with the drawing canvas
System Update: Chart/Intake templates now swap double quotes with single quotes
System Update: Inventory tab of Products/Services no longer display Deleted Clinics
System Update: Clinic Summary revised for practitioner sales in the detailed tabs
System Update: Pending Commissions with split 'Paid' invoices using a gateway
System Update: Completing & locking an Intake form now triggers a page refresh
System Update: Clinic Access table disables 'Patient' access when 'All' is set
System Update: Treatment Plan 'Actions' formatting/alignment revised
System Update: Adding a Follow-Up from the tab no longer redirects to the schedule
System Update: Additional Group Scheduling now follows Schedule Order
System Update: Invoice Search's Print Batch filter no longer hides 'Sent' batches
System Update: Date of Birth Portal signup fields no longer has invalid date entries
System Update: Portal 'Save' notification's color updated to improve visibility
System Update: Portal 'Reschedule' appointment now reschedules correctly
System Update: Consolidated Invoices revised to include taxes within the totals
System Update: Consolidated Invoices for WCB now pulls the Initial Injury Date
System Update: Replying to Email reminders sends to the clinic, not the company
System Update: Insurance used amounts for multi-line item split invoices revised
System Update: OCF-23 PDF now supports more than 4 injury codes attached
System Update: 'Existing Patient' referral type respects the 'show in portal' setting
System Update: 'Other Patient Name' referral respects the 'show in portal' setting
System Update: Patient Profile's 'Changes' tab now loads logs correctly
System Update: Patient Profile> History > Invoices tab's AR total revised
System Update: PDF documents load in the browser when opened from a chart
System Update: Print Batch 'Individual' invoice supports loading over 100 invoices
System Update: 'Email Patient' added Settings > General > Patients > Patient Profile
System Update: Unread Patient Chat notifications no longer display when cleared
System Update: Resolved issues related to editing invoice notes and UTF8 encoding.
System Update: Telus practitioner credentials now support leading zeros.
System Update: Telus submitted invoices, once voided can now be reassigned.
System Update: Non-patient appointments don't display within Text Messages' log
System Update: WSIB FAF Form's Employer Province field format revised.
System Update: WSIB MTBI Supplementary report' header corrected.
System Update: Clinic Access no longer defaults to permit access to new clinics
▪ System Update: $0 invoices now can be assigned to the insurance payor correctly
▪ System Update: Clinic Pricing overrides now accept $0
System Update: Consent to Chiro Treatment intake form's loading error resolved
System Update: Added validation on Chart/Intake form build to skip double quotes

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