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  ⇆  Patient Profile Reorganized


Adjust which patient fields your system will display in the customizable profile.


1.jpg Customize which fields are shown, hidden or set to mandatory

2.jpg Fields are subcategorized to enhance the user experience

3.jpg Adjust which additional sections should be displayed in the profile

4.jpg Sections converted to accordion menus and recall their last status*



Access the options in Settings > General > Patients > Patient Profile

Certain fields, such as the 'visit off-set' field will display/hide depending if the corresponding billing module (Complete & Chiro Bill) is enabled/disabled.

*Click a section header to toggle it open/closed per patient.



  ⇆  HCAI & Telus Compatibility

Invoice a service to Telus directly, then submit the balance to HCAI.


1.jpg Added HCAI fields to product/service settings used solely for HCAI submissions

2.jpg Set your standard Unit of Measure and Measure QTY for Telus billing purposes

3.jpg Submit through Telus (for applicable billing codes) and then batch invoice to HCAI


Notes: This does not apply to block billing tracking dates/session codes. If these fields are blank, the general 'Measure' and 'QTY' will be used.



  ⇆  Doxy Telehealth Integration

Set up your free Doxy account, enter your unique URL and enjoy free telemedicine.

1.jpg Doxy Appointment Reminders include a link direct to the telehealth meeting

2.jpg Practitioners access their Doxy dashboard right off the scheduled appointment


Notes: Enable Doxy in Settings > General > Integrated Apps
Learn more about Doxy's integration here.



  ⇆  French Language Support Expanded

Juvonno's database expanded support of French (UTF-8) language characters.


1.jpg Patient Profiles, Notes, Warnings and Correspondence fields updated

2.jpg Appointment Reminders and Notifications (Customizable Text areas revised)

3.jpg Invoice PDFs, Charting, and Invoice Notes updated to support UTF-8 characters


Note: If you happen to find an area that still does not display french language characters correctly, please contact support@juvonno.com.



  ⇆  Treatment Plan Templates

Additional Frequency options added and Template Actions are now assignable.


1.jpg Assign multiple frequencies per treatment plan template

2.jpg Predetermine which staff will be assigned an action per template

3.jpg Assign an action to *Current User* to have the user that creates the plan assigned


Note: Actions are triggered when the Treatment Plan's development is completed.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2021-11-03

▪ Aquity Integration: Transcribe your patient charts direct into their profile with Aquity.
Dial in over phone, dictate your text and have it transcribed within the appointment's chart notes. Learn more about pricing and details on what the service provides here.

▪ Surgical Time Tracker: Track your surgery start/stop times in detail right off the appointment. Enable this tracker in Settings > General > Scheduling > Appointment Menu Links

▪ JComm: New triggers added for Custom Date Range campaigns and Discharged patients. Custom Date Range campaigns check for new matching patients to send to regularly within Start/End dates.

▪ Visit Types: Virtual Appointment visit type added that omits clinic address details from Appointment Reminders. (Additional Visit Types are enabled in Settings > General > Scheduling > Scheduling)

▪ Patient Summary Invoice: Toggle your practitioner details on/off from Settings > General > Accounting > Invoices > Patient Summary Invoice (only applies to the default template)

▪ WCB Forms: Added Acupuncture Services First Report to the forms library
▪ WCB Forms: Added Acupuncture Services Progress Report to the forms library
▪ WCB Forms: Added Acupuncture Services Invoice to the forms library
▪ Billing Tab: Now displays the 'Insurance' based on the 1st in the billing order
▪ Patient Portal: Added 'Hours Prior to Book' options: 5, 10 & 15 Days
▪ BC Telehealth: Updated Location codes on claims to support latest changes
▪ Advanced Patient Search: Phone filter now searches Work, Cell and Home fields
▪ Correspondence Import: Added the ability to import Patient Correspondence
▪ Transactions Import: Updated to consolidate rows as line items on the same invoice
▪ Invoices: 'Insurance/Patient Pays' text on PDF updated to 'Insurance/Patient Owes'

System Update: Detailed Category Coverage 'Used Amounts' revised
System Update: 'All Active Insurers' option counts down visits used with 1st insurer
System Update: MPI Consolidated Invoice batch revisions on line item display 
System Update: Appointment Reminder subscriptions now control apt notifications
System Update: Paid invoice splits edits no longer create a 3rd $0 split to the patient
System Update: Invoice Split column header placement revised
System Update: Patient Statement report's User Type permission revised
System Update: Transactions tab's Payment totals calculations revised
System Update: Portal cancellations now send an email notification to the patient
System Update: Creating new Treatment Plans filter out inactive/deleted templates
System Update: 'Edit Patient' User Type revised for Patient Lookup and Quit Edit
System Update: Jcomm 'Invoiced Item' Send Date menu revised
System Update: Portal Preliminary Questions revised Signup route
System Update: Editing appointments on the billing tab no longer redirects the user
System Update: New Profiles now default all province fields matching the company's
System Update: Consolidated Invoices for WCB tax per line item revisions
System Update: Consolidated Invoices for 'Direct' to patient revised
System Update: $0.00 items restored on Consolidated Invoices

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