2021 ⇆ Sept Updates

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  ⇆  Update Highlights




  ⇆  Patient Lookup Updates


Further improvements made to the search and modules added to the lookup.


1.jpg Store and recall your own user's most 5 recently searched patients

2.jpg Search Inactive patients or by the patient's alternate name

3.jpg View Receivables stats by Patient or Third-Party with links to Invoice Search

4.jpg View and edit Complaints and Treatment Plan Frequencies from the new modules

5.jpg Upload a Document to the patient's profile directly from the Lookup


Notes: Inactive patients will display with a 'Inactive' label to easily identify them.



  ⇆  Juvonno Login UI

Enter the system with a fresh look that brings branding customization to the portal.


1.jpg Both Staff and Patient Portal login modules updated

2.jpg Assign the Patient Portal with your own branding colors in Portal settings

3.jpg The Patient Portal header menu UI updated for mobile


Note: Adjust your portal's theme in Settings > General > Portal > Portal Style


  ⇆  Treatment Plan Updates

Appointment Frequency and assigned Actions are logged when completed.


1.jpg Actions tab will display those tasks completed by the assigned users

2.jpg Task/todo's memo directly viewable from the Actions tab

3.jpg Appointment Frequencies now display within the Charting window 

4.jpg Appointment Frequencies now can be added to the Patient Lookup


Note: Hover over the checkmark of completed actions to see a timestamp of when it was completed by the assigned user.



  ⇆  Product & Services by Clinic

Assign which clinic a product or service is available to book and invoice with.


1.jpg Enter Settings > Product & Services > Edit > Visible Clinics tab to adjust

2.jpg All product/services are still viewable from Settings > Products & Services

3.jpg Filtered based on which clinic the appointment/invoice is being assigned to

Updates.png More Release Updates | 2021-10-06

▪ Day End Report:
New filter toggle added to include Credits and/or Gift Cards on the report. An additional section is then included covering the transaction details.

Clinic Summary Report: Added various details to the report's Excel output including a 'Grand Totals' Clinic Overview tab for multi-clinic systems, Product sales totals, Total Assessments #, Cancellations % and Total Revenue has been updated to include non-practitioner sales.

▪ Consumables Report: A new report added to the library to track consumables, including the product/service's department, category, unit cost and total cost.

▪ Intake Forms: New tab added to 'Intake Form Defaults' to assign which clinic will have access to each form. Intake forms that have been already completed will continue to display in the profile regardless.

▪ Intake Forms: 'Email Intake Form' button added to forms assigned in the Patient's Profile > Intake tab that sends the form to the patient's email with a secure link to complete it without requiring a portal login.

▪ Appointment Booking: Added Visit Type options: Email, Webinars and Phone
Enabled from Settings > General > Scheduling > Scheduling

Appointment Cancellations: Added Detailed Cancellation Options
Enabled from Settings > General > Scheduling > Appointment Display
*Please note these additional details do not currently populate any reports.*

▪ Patient Groups: Display the patient's group code next to their name on appointments
Enabled from Settings > General > Scheduling > Appointment Display

▪ Patient Credits: Adding a new payment from the patient's lookup to create a credit without an invoice now displays options to display and/or print the credit's receipt.

▪ Clinic Access: Assign a user's access to the clinic's patient profiles specifically, regardless if the user does not have access to the clinic in general. This is adjusted in the user's Profile > Clinic Access tab.

▪ Patient Follow-Ups: The appointment menu on the schedule will now also display a link to View any existing Follow-Ups created for the patient when applicable.

▪ Practitioner Access: When creating a new practitioner profile, a popup window will display to select which other practitioners should have access to the new practitioner being created.

▪ Telus eClaims: New 'Reassign Balance' dialog appears to split the balance to another payor, when a Telus insurance submission results with a balance.

▪ Telus eClaims: Alberta Blue Cross can now be billed through Telus as a primary insurer

▪ Telus eClaims: Coughlin & Associates can now be billed through Telus as a primary insurer

▪ Invoice Editor: Added ability to assign unique appointment dates per line item

▪ Quick Invoice: Added a 'No Practitioner' option to the dropdown menu

▪ Green Shield Vision Form: Added the fillable pdf form to the library

▪ Green Shield Orthotics Form: Added the fillable pdf form to the library

▪ People Corporation Form: Added the fillable pdf form to the library

▪ AB2 Form: Updated to not display N/A in the signature line when blank

▪ Practitioner Search: Replaced Pager column with the Practitioner's Cell phone

▪ Line Items by Practitioner: Excel Report now includes the service's total charge

▪ Patient Third-Parties: Excel report now includes the insurance profile's status

▪ Deductibles: Automatically resets when the corresponding invoice is voided

▪ COVID Survey: Added preliminary vaccination question and survey version selection

System Update: Billing Order assigns the full balance to the secondary insurance
System Update: Client name now prepopulates on Quick Invoice > Receive Payment
System Update: All Active Insurers > 1st insurance now display on Appointment Info 
System Update: Issue with clearing internal Messages that were self-sent
System Update: User Types >Treatment Plan Templates permissions restored 
System Update: Receive Payment's payor label uses Custom Labels when applicable
System Update: Appointment Checkout follow-ups no longer add 30 days by default
System Update: Chiropractic Exam & Reexam chart templates revisions
▪ System Update: eClaims 'Collect Balance Owing' link hidden when not applicable
System Update: eClaims submissions resulting with 'Pending' status revised
System Update: eClaims resulting in partial payments updated for invoice splits
System Update: eClaims resulting in rejections updated for invoice splits
System Update: eClaims Predeterminations for -All Active Insurers- revised
System Update: Patient Third-Parties report no longer includes deleted insurances
System Update: Referrals by Type report's Existing Patient chart # revised
System Update: Receivables' Appointment Dates display revised
System Update: Invoice Search's sorting by Payor revised for large databases
System Update: Quick Invoice's tax amount display restored
System Update: Relabeled mandatory Canada Life's 'Policy' field to 'Plan #'.
System Update: Progress Report now includes the Patient's full name at the top-left
System Update: Complete & Chiro Insurance based on Appointment default restored
System Update: Complete & Chiro Insurance forms generation revised
System Update: Issue with newly saved claims not displaying has been fixed
System Update: Consolidated Invoice Actual Insurance Amount revised
System Update: Consolidated Invoice MPI line items revised for split invoices
System Update: Consolidated Invoice's duplicate line items revised for split invoices
System Update: Patient Summary invoice revised for split invoices
System Update: Sales by Specific Practitioner calculations revised for split invoices
System Update: Appointment A/R icon no longer includes Third-Party claims
System Update: Commission by Practitioner report's Paid column revised
System Update: Line Items by Practitioner report revised for split invoices
System Update: Portal Public Booking 'Sign Up' module revised
System Update: Telehealth no longer displays the Phzio Portal link when disabled
System Update: Inventory Value report's onhand values updated for past dates
System Update: Patient Portal no longer displays the Phzio Portal link when disabled
System Update: Payments by Practitioner report's product/service details restored
System Update: Credits can no longer be 'overpaid' and result in a negative credit
System Update: Gift Cards can no longer be 'overpaid' and result in a negative credit
System Update: HCAI Supplementary Goods' items revised to further limit errors

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