2021 ⇆ July-Aug Updates

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  ⇆  Split Invoicing Upgrade



Invoices now support multiple splits and can be edited from many areas of Juvonno.

1.jpg An invoice can now be split to any number of payors per line item*

2.jpg Edit invoice splits and manually manage which payor is assigned

3.jpg Access splits from the Invoice menu, Add a Payor link or Receive Payment window

4.jpg View Remaining Coverage directly from the Invoice Split window



Fully paid invoices cannot be edited or split, while partially paid invoices can have their remaining balance reassigned to another payor.

❗ Split invoices created before September 1st 2021 will not be compatible with this feature. If required, the original invoices will first need to be voided and reinvoiced. ❗

Learn more in the Split Invoice FAQ found here.



  ⇆  Insurance Billing Order

Assign the billing order for patients with multiple insurances to automate checkout.


1.jpg Set your insurance profile's billing order to either: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or N/A

2.jpg Using the default 'All Active Insurers' option, the system will auto-split on checkout

3.jpg The assigned billing order will display on the checkout screen for review


Notes: All previously 'Defaulted' insurances are now assigned as the '1st' insurance. Any insurances assigned as 'N/A' will not be included in the billing order.


  ⇆  Invoice Editor

A simplified editor to modify certain aspects of (non-split) invoices.


1.jpg Invoice Search > Invoice > Edit Invoice to access the new editor

2.jpg Only applicable invoices can be edited

3.jpg Split invoices cannot be edited here as they are interlinked


Note: Learn more about which type of invoices are editable here.



  ⇆  JuvonnoComm 2.0

JComm's latest UI update brings new templates, triggers and more!


1.jpg The new campaign builder makes setting up campaigns a breeze

2.jpg Select from 16 prebuilt templates or use the custom option to start from scratch

3.jpg Text campaigns support multi-messages and the editor displays character counts


Note: Learn more about JComm and its capabilities here.



  ⇆  Instant Patient SMS Chat

JComm's plans include the new feature to instantly chat with your patients via text.


1.jpg Receive incoming text notifications within Juvonno's header

2.jpg Reply back within the chat thread and set messages back to unread if necessary

3.jpg Based on your user's Default Clinic, view only those clinic's patient's notifications


Note: Enable notifications for your user in your Profile > Preferences tab. Learn more about the Patient Chat feature here.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2021-09-01

▪ Jcomm 2.0: Added trigger based on Patient Profile creation
▪ Jcomm 2.0: Added trigger based on Balance Owing
▪ Jcomm 2.0: Added Send Date option of '2 Months After'
▪ Jcomm 2.0: Added Send Date option of '3 Months After'
▪ Jcomm 2.0: Added Invoiced Item 180, 270, 365 and 720 Send Date options
▪ Jcomm 2.0: Added Last Appointment 180 and 720 Send Date options
▪ Jcomm 2.0: Added Patient Status selection in the Audience tab
▪ Jcomm 2.0: Added 'Opened' Email stats to campaign reports
▪ Jcomm 2.0: Embedded 'Unsubscribe' option for text messages
▪ Jcomm 2.0: Automated 'Resubscribe' option for text messages
▪ Jcomm 2.0: Added a template selection menu with preview
▪ Jcomm 2.0: Added a Patient list builder to the Audience tab
▪ WSIB MTBI Mid-Point: Added PDF-Fillable form to library
▪ WSIB MTBI Supplementary Report: Added PDF-Fillable form to library
▪ WSIB MTBI Initial Assessment: Converted form to PDF-Fillable
▪ WSIB MTBI Outcome Summary: Converted form to PDF-Fillable
▪ WSIB Non-Surgical Fracture Assessment: Converted form to PDF-Fillable
▪ WSIB Non-Surgical Fracture Summary: Converted form to PDF-Fillable
▪ WSIB Physiotherapy Assessment: Converted form to PDF-Fillable
▪ Purchase Orders: Added 'Bill To' and 'Ship To' menus
▪ Purchase Orders: Added Vendor Item # to Product/Service settings
▪ Purchase Orders: Updated Purchase Order template and layout
▪ Purchase Orders: Added line item #, SKU and description to template
▪ OHIP Integration: Added login details per clinic for multi-clinic integration
▪ OHIP Integration: Added a clinic selection when generating submission files
▪ Quick Invoice: Now preselects the default insurance based on patient
▪ Quick Invoice: Now preselects the default treatment plan based on patient
▪ Treatment Plan Templates: Now includes the Action's memo field
▪ Treatment Plan Templates: Can now be assigned to a specific clinic
▪ Chiropractic Exam: New built-in chart added for chiropractor's exam
▪ Chiropractic Re-Exam: New built-in chart added for chiropractor's re-exam
▪ Telus Transactions: Now has Patient Name and Company Claim ID columns
▪ Telus Forms: Converted Telus Authorization & Consent form to PDF-Fillable
▪ TD Terminal Integration: Added option to Payment Gateways
▪ Loyalty Points Report: Now includes a clinic filter per profile default clinic
▪ Patient Lookup: New Payment without invoice now displays a credit memo
▪ Credit Memo: Template now includes the original payment method
▪ Saved Credit Cards: Added option for storing credit cards per gateway
▪ Charting Timeout: Added warning notification before sending user to re-login
▪ Previous Charts: The 'Jump To' previous charts menu is now scrollable
▪ Portal Booking: Added 365 Days option to Schedule in Advance on the Portal
▪ COVID Survey: Updated Question 4 regarding travelling outside of Canada
▪ Appointment Email Reminders: Added setting to toggle Practitioner's name
▪ Invoice Emails: Added setting to toggle Practitioner name
System Update: Profile > Accounting tab display of credit cards revised
System Update: Fixed Duplicate Actions after 'Development Completed'
System Update: Reactivation of deleted patient profiles is now supported
System Update: Swapped Purchase Order PDF's Bill to and Ship to areas
System Update: Revised 'Todo's' popups to support display 10+ at once
System Update: Fixed 'blank' SMS threads in Patient Chat
System Update: Quick Invoices with Jcomm's Invoiced Item trigger added
System Update: Prevent HTML paste into body of Jcomm's Text Campaigns
System Update: Revised Jcomm's Custom Template swap on existing campaign
System Update: Revised Jcomm's Patient List Builder with Patient Group filter
System Update: Revised display/calculation issue with secondary coverages
System Update: Revised Company Logo on Purchase Order templates
System Update: Revised OCF23 PDF to populate Section 6 b) and c) text
System Update: Fixed Closing Accounting Periods with custom month selection
System Update: Revised 'Schedule Next Appointment' Schedule Type selection
System Update: Revised Patient Portal One-time Consent setting

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