2021 ⇆ June Updates

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  ⇆  On-the-Fly Discounts

Apply discounts during the Appointment or Quick Invoice Checkout process.


1.jpg These discounts will appear on the invoice PDF along with the retail rate*

2.jpg On-the-fly discounts can be restricted for admin level 2 override if preferred

3.jpg On-the-fly Discounts are enabled in Settings > General > Accounting > Billing


Note: * Discount text will not appear on custom invoice templates.


  ⇆  Inventory: Consumables

Manage used inventory amounts on Appointment Booking and Checkout.


1.jpg Type-to-search for your product/services Consumables' fields 

2.jpg Fields are compatible with Product Bundles for faster checkout

3.jpg Consumables are not included on the billed invoice


Note: Enable Consumables in Settings > General > Modules



  ⇆  Juvonno's Icons & Headers

A modernized look applied to the system's headers and main menu icons.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2021-07-08

▪ Accounting: Period Adjustments can now have custom start/end dates
▪ Accounting: Closed Periods can be unlocked by a Admin Level 2
▪ Accounting: Closed Periods continue to be edited by an Admin Level 2
▪ Accounting: Period Adjustments Module added to hide/show section
▪ Invoice Search: New - No Third Parties - option filters Direct invoices only
▪ User Types: Setting has been repositioned under the Staff heading
▪ User Types: Added option to Restrict/Grant access to Analytics 
▪ Letters: Added Referring Practitioner (full) Address tag
▪ Letters: Added Practitioner Type, Clinic Address tags
▪ Letters: Added Clinic Phone and Email Address tags
▪ Appointment A/R Icon: will now also display for 'present-day' Receivables
▪ Appointment A/R Icon: will not display for $0 Receivables
▪ Portal Booking: Setting added to assign Practitioner Sort Order by preference
▪ Portal Booking: Update Practitioner Order in Settings > General > Portal > General
▪ Portal UI Adjustments: Added 'Day of the Week' on practitioner columns
▪ Portal UI Adjustments: Sticky Header and Footer on Mobile for quick rebooking
▪ Portal UI Adjustments: Updated link colours to match standard branding
▪ Portal UI Adjustments: Replaced Patient's Home number with Default Number
▪ Portal UI Adjustments: Enlarged the calendar/arrows for mobile usage
▪ Portal UI Adjustments: Medical History page as accordion menu open by default
▪ Portal UI Adjustments: Selecting an unavailable date will display an assistive prompt
▪ Portal Adjustments: Appointments without a service attached now affect availability
▪ WSIB Physiotherapy Extension Form: Updated to fillable-PDFs
▪ WSIB Chiropractic Extension Form: Updated to fillable-PDFs
▪ WSIB Shoulder POC Assessment Form: Updated to fillable-PDFs
▪ WSIB Shoulder POC Care & Outcomes Summary Form: Updated to fillable-PDFs
▪ WSIB Low Back POC Assessment Form: Updated to fillable-PDFs
▪ WSIB Low Back POC Care & Outcomes Summary Form: Updated to fillable-PDFs
▪ WSIB Low Back MSK Assessment Form: Updated to fillable-PDFs
▪ WSIB Low Back MSK Care & Outcomes Summary Form: Updated to fillable-PDFs
▪ Purchase Orders: Added Case Name and Quantity to Products & Services
▪ Product & Services: Added DIN # field, restricted to 8 characters
▪ Product & Services Search: Added searchable DIN # field
▪ Product & Service Import: Added Reorder Point, Min & Max Onhands
▪ Product & Service Import: Added Vendor Name, Case Name, Case Qty
System Update: 'No Bill' option on Appointments revised to affect Billing tab
System Update: All-Day Aways revised to reference Global Start & End times
System Update: On-the-fly Discounts revised for Appointment Booking
System Update: Pay AR Balance correctly totals based on the invoice's payor
System Update: Relabeled Invoice Search's -All Third Parties- to -All Payors-
System Update: Revised 'Enable Multi-Payments' partial payment function
System Update: Revised User Type access to Comprehensive Sales report
System Update: Revised Multi-Payments to process Stripe payments
System Update: Revised OCF23 Treatment Plan Section 7 PDF fields
System Update: Fixed Stripe payment error on 'Process Credit Card'
System Update: Resource Dashboard Drag&Drop rescheduling revised

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