2021 ⇆ Jan Updates

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  ⇆  HCAI Dashboard Upgrade

Improvements made to the HCAI Admin Dashboard with billing shortcuts.


1.jpg Active Treatment plan statistics added and filterable by clinic/location

2.jpg Invoice HCAI shortcut auto-batches and sends the user to the Submission Preview

3.jpg Filter and view treatment plans by their 'billing' status

4.jpg Invoices include direct links to their consolidated batch for review

5.jpg Treatment plans include their total approved amount within their details


Note: Learn more about the HCAI Dashboard here.



  ⇆  Auto-Save on Charting

Any input entered while editing a chart will now trigger an autosave.
Charts that have not been manually saved will remain 'In Progress' in the Charting tab.



Note: The autosave will not occur with the drawing canvas.
Changes made on the canvas will need to be saved manually as to not lose progress.



  ⇆  Patient Portal Header

Further improvements made to ease navigation from the header menu.
Patients have easier access to update their Medical History and their Portal Profile.




  ⇆  Drop-Off Report by Practitioner

The report now provides drop-off results by practitioner when filtered by an individual.



TIP: Utilize this additional filter to track and identify patient appointment drop-offs specific to the practitioner, rather than the clinic in general.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2021-01-29

▪ Copy from last Chart: Now can be used per patient 'Complaint'
▪ Appointment Charting: Now permitted on 'Open' appointments
▪ User Types: Added new entry to permit/restrict access to General Documents
▪ Custom Chart/Form Builder: Added support for french language characters
▪ TELUS eClaims: Added D.A. Townley eClaims insurer for direct billing
▪ TELUS eClaims: Added the PPE eClaims product/service (code 999001)
▪ CINUP Insurance: Fillable-PDF claim form added to library
▪ ClaimSecure Insurance: Updated claim form to a fillable-PDF
▪ JuvonnoComm: New Tag added for the Patient's first name
▪ Instant Email Reminder: Now disregards the 'Earliest time to send' setting
▪ Appointment Reminders: Profile 'default' edits will update future appointments
System Update: Telus Invoices now reassign to Patient when $0 paid/max reached
System Update: Telus Invoices no longer display 'PAID' when rejected
System Update: Third-Party Coverage reassignments functionality revised
System Update: Third-Party Coverage reassignments allows only two-way splits
System Update: Commissions by Practitioner report with invoice splits revised
System Update: Payments Received report 'Overages' patient/payor info added
System Update: Patient Lookup 'Upcoming Date' revised to remove Follow-ups
System Update: Patient Lookup View Appointments result menus revised
System Update: Patient Portal Profile 'save' function reinstated
System Update: Patient Portal Profile custom fields reinstated
System Update: User Types 'Weekly Multiple Practitioner Schedule' report revised
System Update: User Types 'Weekly Practitioner Schedule' report revised
System Update: User Types 'Daily Patient Appointments' report revised
System Update: New credits added no longer display as overpayments on edit
System Update: Sales by Date report graph reinstated
System Update: Vendor-specific pricing on Purchase orders revised
System Update: Adjustments report PDF output date and time reformatted
System Update: Receivables no longer time-out with larger results
System Update: OCF Forms can now generate without a treatment plan
System Update: Faxing non-pdf documents permitted (without cover page)
System Update: Complete & Chiro invoices includes the clinic/location
System Update: 'Payment Request' email token revised to permit payments
System Update: Added back-end logging of HCAI preview submissions

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