2020 ⇆ Nov-Dec Updates

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  ⇆  Update Highlights




  ⇆  HCAI Insurance Billing

Improvements made to the HCAI billing experience and related features.


1.jpg New HCAI Submission Preview with editable fields for benefit payments

2.jpg HCAI Invoice Submissions now supports 'Additional Comments'

3.jpg Treatment plan's 'Apply Changes' link keeps the user in the current tab

4.jpg OCF-18 form is now updated as a fillable-PDF with most fields auto-populated

5.jpg User Types to grant/restrict access to Submit Treatment Plans and/or Invoice HCAI

  ⇆ Clinic Summary Report

This new report provides a high-level recap of all key business indices including receivables, attendance, credits, MVA outstandings, collections, and unbilled services.




Note: Learn more about this report and its details here.


  ⇆  Portal e-Gift Cards

Patients and non-patients alike can now purchase gift cards direct from the Portal.


1.jpg Select a preset amount or enter a custom $ value for the gift card

2.jpg Purchaser will receive an invoice via email address provided

3.jpg Gift Card # is sent to the recipient for redemption at the clinic


Note: The patient portal and Stripe payment gateway are required to enable these e-Gift cards. Learn more about Gift Cards here.



  ⇆  Fax Cover Page

Faxing documents out of Juvonno now includes a built-in cover page.


The fax cover page will include the company's logo and address details in the header.



  ⇆  Google Tag Manager Integration

Track your patient's interactions taken on the Patient Portal with Google Tag Manager.



Note: In order to take advantage of this integration you must already have a Google Tag Manager account created.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2020-12-15

▪ Payments by Practitioner: 'Isolate Overpayments' filter separates out overpayments
▪ Aged AR Report: Added an 'As of' filter to refine to a specific invoice & payment date
▪ Patient Summary Report: By default, this report's 'Filter By' is now set to -None-
▪ Chart Statistics Report: An 'Already Charted' Column added to the Detailed output
▪ Chart Statistics Report: Filter added to ignore 'Already Charted' appointments
▪ Comprehensive Sales Report: Service date added to the Excel - Detailed output
▪ Patient Portal Public Book: Redirects user to appointment confirmation after signup
▪ Sunlife Financial Claim Form: Updated to the latest version with editable fields
▪ GMS Claim Form: Added new editable-PDF claim form to the Forms library
▪ Treatment Plans: 'Default' practitioner will autopopulate the Product/Services tab
▪ HCAI Extract: Revamped the treatment plan/invoice extract from HCAI to Juvonno
▪ Caution Prompt: Added towards new charts created from the Patient Profile
▪ Caution Prompt: Added towards new charts created from Open appointments
System Update: Portal Signup - Mandatory Referral revised to force a selection
System Update: Patient Insights 'Invoiced Item' filter revised
System Update: JuvonnoComm's 'Invoiced Item' filter revised 
System Update: Portal Availability with 5min intervals no longer display extra slot
System Update: Deleted Profiles no longer affect other profile's portal emails
System Update: Deleted Profiles no longer affect other profile's portal usernames
System Update: JuvonnoComm Text Campaigns no longer sends partial messages
System Update: View Appointments no longer filters out inactive practitioners
System Update: Schedule's 4Day/Week view revised to display availability correctly
System Update: Schedule's 4Day/Week view revised to support Stat Holidays
System Update: System Timeout now overrides Arrivals tab 'Auto-Refresh' time
System Update: COVID Surveys now send for rescheduled appointments
System Update: COVID Surveys using 12, 18, 20 or 24 hours to send revised
System Update: COVID Surveys must be consented prior to being submitted
System Update: OHIP Submissions file revised to updated standards
System Update: Billed Appointments are no longer affected if also 'Set to Completed'
System Update: Commissions by Practitioner report supports split-invoice payments
System Update: Patient Summary Report no longer displays duplicate invoice #s
System Update: Patient Summary Report error fixed when no practitioner attached
System Update: Patient Summary Report sorts by Invoice Date when not filtered
System Update: Appointment Reminders automated sendouts revised
System Update: Self Arrival SWIPE filters out cancelled/deleted appointments
System Update: Self Arrival Type-Ahead filters out cancelled/deleted appointments
System Update: AB2 Form updated to allow more than one Diagnosis selection

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