2020 ⇆ Oct Updates

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  ⇆  Update Highlights




  ⇆  HCAI Insurance

Improvements made to the HCAI setup experience (with more on the way).


1.jpg New 'HCAI' Insurance added that simplifies down to applicable fields

2.jpg Default your services' PAF type in Settings > Products & Services

3.jpg 'Pay as Insurer' option added to the Patient Profile > History > Invoices tab

4.jpg OCF-3, OCF-23 and OCF-24 forms are now updated as fillable-PDFs

5.jpg Treatment Plan hotlinks count down as soon as they are added to the appointment

  ⇆  Patient Retention Report

New report provides an overview of the booking trends of your practitioners.
It includes the number of new patients vs returning patients per practitioner.




Note: Learn more about this retention report here.


  ⇆  Recurring Appointments

Reviewing any appointment conflicts provides options to reschedule on-the-fly.
The next five available appointments will display with the same practitioner.




  ⇆  Multipayment Feature

Module has been updated to streamline process of applying multiple payments.


1.jpg Payment Payor is now auto-selected based on payor of the invoices

2.jpg Added support for multipayment with payment gateways

3.jpg Revised 'credit' payment method with type-to-search


Note: Overpayments made on invoices for multiple patients can be found as credits in Accounting > Credits



  ⇆  Patient Summary Invoice

The report has been revised, updated and reorganized for ease of use.


1.jpg Added Practitioner and Secondary Practitioner Credentials

2.jpg Added a Payment Type filter and types now display on the report

3.jpg Clinic Address now replaces the Company Address

4.jpg Waived/Bad Debts amounts have separate totals from standard payment types

5.jpg Optional toggle to include individual Invoice Notes on the report

Report's Injury Date (when applicable) now populates from the Insurance profile

Updates.png More Release Updates | 2020-10-30

▪ Patient Lookup: Added a Documents shortcut to the builder
▪ Patient Insights: Added a 'Practitioners Seen' filter 
▪ Default Practitioner: New Patient Profiles default to first treating practitioner
▪ Chart Statistics: Added a toggle to filter results by 'unlocked' charts
▪ Chart Statistics: Report details locked status of appointment's charts
▪ View Appointments: Choose Cancellation type for bulk cancellations
▪ View Appointments: Enter a Cancellation Reason for bulk cancellations
▪ Letters: Added a Practitioner signature tag option on letter templates
▪ Daily Patient Appointments: Report now includes patient's default phone
▪ Daily Patient Appointments: Report now sorted by earliest appointment
▪ Patient Profile Relationships: Added 'POA' relationship type
▪ Payments by Practitioner: Optional 'Overpayment' filter added
▪ Payments by Practitioner: Overpayment amounts split in separated subtotal
▪ Comprehensive Sales: Detailed Excel report now includes 'Balance Owing'
▪ Comprehensive Sales: Detailed Excel report now includes 'Default Practitioner'
▪ Comprehensive Sales: Detailed Excel report now includes 'Secondary Practitioner'
▪ Manitoba Health: Added a Special Circumstance Indicator for Claims
▪ User Profile Dashboard: Updated 'Clinic Practitioners to 'Multi-Clinic Practitioners'
▪ User Profile Dashboard: Added 'Help' icon that provides overview of dashboard types
▪ Daily Availability Override: Toggle to view past overrides - delete as Admin Level 2
▪ Daily Availability Override: Overrides now logs/references the created user
▪ HCAI Insurance: added support for editing Contacts directly from insurance
▪ Appointment Booking: Default treatment plans no longer affect the default insurance
▪ Contacts: Added Phone Extension fields and auto-formatted Phone fields
▪ The Co-Operators: claim form updated to a fillable-PDF format
▪ Equitable Life: claim form added in a fillable-PDF format
System Update: Manion Telus billing submission revised
System Update: OHIP Submissions error resolved
System Update: HCAI Admin tab's Adjuster replies restored
System Update: Payment Gateway's 'Print Receipt' window now remains open
System Update: Patient Portal's navigation on mobile no longer overlays schedule
System Update: Patient Portal schedule hours misaligned on mobile resolved
System Update: Waiting List's filters support 'No Schedule Type' results
System Update: Commissions by Practitioner report PDF-Export text revised
System Update: Recurring Appointment 'Conflicts' window refreshes on edits
System Update: Patient Profile Multi-non-patient Relationships revised
System Update: Patient Profile existing-patient Relationships search revised
System Update: Appointment Booking displays Relationship with full name
System Update: Existing Patient Profile Relationship's profile link revised
System Update: View Appointment's bulk cancellation notifications revised
System Update: System Email reminders' logs multiple same-day emails
System Update: User Profiles 'User Type' and 'Default Clinic' fields logged
System Update: User Profiles 'Preferences' tab's fields changes logged
System Update: User Profiles 'User Type' no longer resets to default

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