2020 ⇆ Sept Updates

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  ⇆  Update Highlights




  ⇆  Patient Portal on Mobile

Improvements made to the appointment booking experience.


1.jpg Public booking has been streamlined with a single appointment review.

2.jpg Appointment Review has the 'Confirm Appointment' link overlaid on the screen.

3.jpg Confirming consent prompts when it has not been checked and navigates the user.

4.jpg Final confirmation of booked/requested appointment restyled for max exposure.


  ⇆  License Release Feature

Force a user to logout and release their license to allow another user to log in.
Level 2 Admins can access this in Settings > General > Security > Active Licenses



 Learn more about this feature and its details here.



  ⇆  COVID-19 Staff Self-Assessment

Complete the survey on a daily basis right from your profile's Documents tab.


The link to complete the survey will not display if already completed on the same day.


Note: Staff Documents must be enabled in Settings > General > Modules



  ⇆  Patient Drop-off Report

Added a new Detailed Excel output option that provides the following additional info:

1.jpg Patient Group

2.jpg Other Practitioners Seen (within the Date Range)

3.jpg Last Invoiced Item

4.jpg Total Amount Invoiced




Note: This report's Date Range filter will no longer affect the First Date Treated. This date will be based on the patient's 'all-time' first appointment.


  ⇆  Clinic Statistics Report

Returned Patient totals added to the report, along with a detailed tab with more info.




Note: Returned patients are based on having a recent appointment (within the report's date range chosen) and their previous appointment being over 90 days ago.

Updates.png More Release Updates | 2020-09-30

▪ Patient Lookup: Added View Correspondence and New Follow-Up to builder
▪ Patient Lookup: Added User Type access to the Lookup's builder
▪ Patient Lookup: Added toggle to switch between 1 or 2 column view
▪ Patient Lookup: Added direct link to the builder from the Lookup's title
▪ Patient Lookup: Added a Lookup button to toggle open/hide the pane
▪ Patient Lookup: Added Quick Edit link next to the Patient's name
▪ Patient Lookup: Added shortcut to Patient Profile from Patient's name
▪ Patient Lookup: Added horizontal scroll to the schedule when lookup is open
▪ Patient Lookup: Added Edit option to Notes and Warnings on the lookup
▪ Patient Lookup: Added View Appointments module filter options
▪ Patient Lookup: Added View Appointments module 'With All' actions
▪ Telus eClaims: Now splits Invoices when amounts are not paid in full
▪ Telus eClaims: Invoices 'Paid to Policy Holder' will assign the full invoice to patient
▪ Telus eClaims: Supports nullifying invoices within the same date of submission
▪ MBHealth Claims:
Option to Clone a claim added for a quick resubmission
▪ Waiting List: Can now be filtered by Clinic and/or All schedule types
▪ Commission by Practitioner: Report now includes Overpayment totals
▪ Comprehensive Sales: Report now includes each invoice's Balance Owing
▪ Patient Portal: Displays all portal services when using 'By Service/Date' method
▪ Patient Portal: Optional toggle to show/hide service pricing on the Portal
▪ Patient Profile: Add a Follow-up from the Correspondence >Follow-ups Tab
▪ Practitioner Profile: Now supports 64 characters for First/Last name fields
▪ COVID-19 Survey: Updated questions based on latest changes
▪ Forms: Added the Physiotherapy Electronic consent (fillable) form
▪ Patient Import: Now supports updating profiles with only the Chart #
▪ View Appointments: New 'Active' status includes all but cancelled/deleted
▪ Recurring Appointments: Support added for past date ranges
▪ Patient Profile>History>Invoices: New 'Pay as Insurer' option added to menu
System Update: Batch Invoice Actual Insurance Amount with Tax revised
System Update: Split invoices when paying by 'Third-Party Coverage' revised
System Update: Telus Nullify submission option for Manulife removed
System Update: Telus submission no longer swaps payment payors
System Update: Telus Full-Time Student relationship revised
System Update: Telus Full-Time Student relationship revised
System Update: Quick Patient creation defaulted to Company's Province
System Update: Patient Profile Contact defaulted to Company's Province
System Update: AB2, AB3 & AB4 forms' Practitioner address fields revised
System Update: AB2 & AB4 forms' multiple text areas to keep format
System Update: Option added to delete Product/Service's images
System Update: Chart 'Notes' added support for special characters
System Update: Canada Life claim form for patients with high # of invoices
System Update: Anaesthetic Premium Tariffs applicable Start-Time revised
System Update: Anaesthetic Premium Tariffs quantity now matches units
System Update: Patient Lookup 'Always Open' affect on mobile view fixed
System Update: Hard Reload for updates automated on page navigation 
System Update: Drop-down menu support for larger quantity of subfolders

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