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  ⇆  Customized Patient Lookup

A brand new Patient Lookup built for layout customization.
Search for patients wherever you are in Juvonno and choose what information is prioritized for your practice for a quick and clutter-free view of the data you need.


Customize to your preference with the simple drag & drop builder.


Access the builder directly from the search bar:



 Learn more about this feature and its customization here.



  ⇆  Product/Service Pricing by Clinic

Set the price of an item based on which clinic/location it is purchased from.


Enable this in Settings > General > Accounting > Billing > Clinic Pricing



Note: When other discounts are applicable for the product/service or patient, such as through Patient Group pricing or general 'Discounts', the lowest dollar value will take priority and apply.



  ⇆  Optional Telus Auto-Payments

Disable Telus auto-payments to manage applying payments manually.


Adjust this in Settings > General > Integrated Apps > Telus Health eClaims



  ⇆  Appointment Reminders

Filter the Appointment Reminders results based on the Appointment's status.



Note: By default, any cancelled appointments will not display their reminder.

Updates.png More Release Updates | 2020-08-31

▪ Follow-Ups Tab: The Clinic filter now updates the Practitioner filter's options
▪ Practitioner Patients Report: Added a Clinic/Location Filter
▪ Payments Received Report: Added a Credits filter (disabled by default)
▪ Portal: Username / Password edits now use recent security regulations
▪ Cancellations: Set as 'Deleted' without displaying Cancelled Appointments
▪ Resources: Can now be assigned to 'Any' Clinic/Location
▪ Resources: Filter based on assigned clinic when booking appointment
▪ Appointment Export: Now supports up to 30,000 lines in one run
▪ Chart PDF Export: Appointment Date chart sort options added
▪ Chart PDF Export: Encounter Sort renamed to Chart Sort Order
▪ Default Payment Type: Now supports all custom Payment Types
System Update: Unique Patient Documents now open in a new tab
System Update: Portal no longer displays inactive/deleted Insurance records
System Update: Editing Payment Method now follows User Type permissions
System Update: Birthday Campaign template avoids sending post-birth date
System Update: Permitted larger amount of custom forms in Administer Forms

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