An Overview of Patient Two-Way Texting by JComm

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JComm's Two-Way Texting feature allows you to send and receive texts right from Juvonno providing a fast, efficient, and reliable way to relay important information to patients and enhance their satisfaction. 


How Does it Work?

Two-Way Texting is included in your JComm subscription. When enabled, Two-Way Texting will allow you to send and reply to patient text messages from anywhere in Juvonno.

Click the button at the top right of your screen to open the Two-Way Texting window where you can manage your text messages.

Note: System administrators can allow/deny access to Two-Way Texting based on user type or role. 

From inside the menu, simply click on a Patient's name or use the search bar to find a patient and open the conversation window.

Inside the conversation window, you can:

  • View all previous incoming and outgoing text messages with that patient
  • Type out a text reply at the bottom of the window
  • Open the Appointment Lookup menu to gather appointment details


The phone number used to send/receive text messages is designated by a third-party integration service when the system is initially created. This is an individual unique phone number per Juvonno system. Send yourself a sample message from JComm to see the unique number assigned to your clinic.

What are the costs?

This paid feature is part of the JComm Bundle Add-On. You may pay by the month and cancel at any time. JComm subscriptions start at $20 per month ($0.025 per text message sent or received) and messaging rates decrease based on message volume. Invoices are emailed on a monthly basis and you may make changes to your plan at any time. Learn more about all of JComm's powerful features!


Choose from one of the three plans below: 



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