2020 ⇆ June Updates

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  ⇆  Telus Supervisor Billing


Assign a practitioner's Supervisor to bill Telus under their credentials.


Edit this in the Practitioner's Profile and/or override this selection during checkout.



 Note: The treating practitioner is noted on Telus as being billed under the supervisor.



  ⇆  Patient Insights Build UI

This update to the UI provides a more user-friendly experience to report building.
A prompt now appears when generating larger reports to inform you of its process.


If you find the report is taking a while to load, you can always hit Cancel to stop it.
Patient Insight reports will download automatically once generated.



  ⇆  JuvonnoComm Reports

Filter your campaign's reports by grouped or individual status, or by recipient's reaction.




  ⇆  COVID-19 Screening

Select which duration of time you rather send out prior to the patient's appointment.


Edit in Settings > General > Reminders & Notifications > COVID-19 Screening Emails




  ⇆  Chart PDF Export Cover Page

Adjust the PDF Export cover page's address details and more.


Toggle to include the Company and Clinic address along with the clinic logo,
as well as if you would like to continue to display the Birth section.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2020-06-30

COVID-19 Screening Emails: Automated pre-appointment self-assessment
▪ Patient Portal: View the first 5 available practitioners/dates on the schedule
▪ PDF Chart Export: Settings added to control the PDF's cover page details.
▪ Appointment Export: Added Practitioner's Employee # and Product/Service #
▪ Appointment Export: Added Date Created User and Date Modified User details
▪ Appointment Search: Optional setting added to include the Product/Service
▪ Custom Email Content: Added in support for Image embedding
▪ Third-Party Companies: Added ability to import Third-Party Companies
▪ Telus Billing: Updated the currently available list of License Issuers
▪ Payments Received Report: Payments made on the portal are now identified
System Update: JuvonnoComm's Text Message Preview Counts updated
System Update: JuvonnoComm algorithm updates to optimize sending
System Update: Custom header email content included in Notification Emails
System Update: Custom Intake Forms on Mobile now scroll horizontally
▪ System Update: Custom Intake Forms will now ignore the 'Return' key
System Update: Patient Portal revised to remove incorrect 'Today' date
System Update: Patient Portal revised to reinstate Clinic logo images
System Update: Patient Portal weekly navigation arrows adjusted to daily
System Update: Checkout of $0 Appointment now refreshes to Billed status
System Update: Added Elbow and Hand chart template support to PDF export
System Update: Added Ankle and Foot chart template support to PDF export
System Update: COVID-19 survey link removed on portal when module disabled
System Update: COVID-19 survey issues revised with military times on schedules
System Update: Resource Arrivals swapping Practitioner timeout error fixed

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